We are investing heavily in engagement, development, occupational health and safety for our employees, and in the promotion of a healthy work-life balance.

Jovana Tufegdzic, Coca-Cola HBC brand ambassador

Listening to our employees

800 personnel, 800 opinions. 97 percent of these opinions were collected and their voices heard in our annual employee survey in autumn 2016. The MyVoice survey is evaluated via several indices: the Engagement Index quantifies how connected employees feel to the company and how keen they are to commit to the company. Based on the anonymised results of the survey, we have identified areas for future improvement. In collaboration with employees, specific courses of action will be derived from these action areas.

Social commitment

As a Swiss company, we contribute to society as an employer, business partner and taxpayer. We also initiate volunteer efforts and fundraising activities for charitable causes.

Together with Pro Juventute, we fight youth unemployment in Switzerland. In the free application training by Pro Juventute Coca‑Cola volunteers practice job interviews with young people and offer hands-on tips.

Together with the Swiss Red Cross, we have supported disadvantaged people since 2010 by supporting the project “2x Christmas”.

A moment’s inattention

...is all it takes to slip or hit your head: everyday situations that also have to be dealt with at work. 80 percent of the 24 recorded accidents resulting in an absence in 2015 were due to inattention. Therefore, we are focusing even more intensively on raising employees‘ awareness of such issues, especially in production and sales. 

The accident record for the large-scale modification work at our bottling plant in Dietlikon shows how well our occupational safety system works: no accidents and a successful safety audit from The Coca‑Cola Company. This is even more pleasing as around 60 external employees were working on site over the course of ten months.

Our target by 2020: Zero occupational accidents.