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Brands A-Z

As a leading beverage partner, our goal is to offer our customers the right product for every taste and situation – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The tastes and preferences of our consumers are constantly changing. We therefore place them at the center of our activities and offer an innovative range of products tailored to their needs.

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Swiss made

We have been at home in Switzerland for over 80 years and produce our drinks locally: in Dietlikon or Vals. 95% of the ingredients used are being sourced from Swiss suppliers. The sugar, for example, stems from domestic sugar beets produced by Swiss farmers.

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Business Customers

Our close and long-standing customer relationships build the foundation of our success. Our customers’ needs and wishes are the top priority for our employees.


The convenient delivery service takes care of all your beverage needs at home or in the office. Qwell offers a broad assortment of beverages, along with convenient and free delivery. Your personal Qwell delivery agent will also pick up your empties and make sure that they are properly recycled.