Costa Coffee

Start the day full of energy with Costa Coffee. When it comes to quality, Costa Coffee makes no compromises: For all coffee blends, we use only the best 5% of the world’s coffee beans. You can taste this love of quality, sip after sip.

Costa Coffee was established in 1971 in London by two Italian brothers, Bruno and Sergio Costa. With the aim of making good coffee accessible to everyone, the Costa brothers tested 112 different coffee variations. They found a unique blend that met their high-quality standards: their "Signature Blend". The composition of Arabica and Robusta is still the trademark of Costa Coffee to this day.

Get the ice-cold caffeine kick! Costa Coffee's cold latte drinks are brewed from fresh coffee. We use beans from the unique "Signature Blend" coffee blend. You can enjoy your cold Costa Coffee with no regrets. Because our products have on average 50% less sugar than most sugared coffee drinks with coffee extract in Switzerland.