Welcome to our coffee heaven, where we celebrate the diversity of flavors and traditions that coffee brings to life. Here in Switzerland, where appreciation for quality runs deep, we proudly present two distinguished brands, each offering a unique journey through the world of coffee.

Embracing the love affair with coffee, we introduce you to the esteemed international brand "Costa Coffee". With its 50 years experience of crafting the finest quality coffee, Costa Coffee caters to every palate with an expansive range tailored for home enjoyment and convenient to-go solutions.

The coffee fascination does not end there. We are proud to bring a taste of Italy to your doorstep with Caffè Vergnano 1882. As the oldest coffee roaster in Italy, Caffè Vergnano 1882 promises an authentic espresso experience, focused on tradition, quality, and sustainable practices.

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Costa Coffee was established in 1971 in London by two Italian brothers, Bruno and Sergio Costa. With the aim of making good coffee accessible to everyone, the Costa brothers tested 112 different coffee variations. They found a unique blend that met their high-quality standards: their "Signature Blend". The composition of Arabica and Robusta is still the trademark of Costa Coffee to this day.

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Founded in 1882, Caffè Vergnano 1882 is a proud Italian brand and Italy’s oldest coffee roasting company. Lovingly nurtured by the Vergnano family for nearly 140 years, the brand champions authentic Italian espresso around the world. Bringing the finest Italian flavour and aroma to every cup.

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Business Solutions

You and your employees can also enjoy fresh Costa Coffee while at work. We provide two different coffee machines free of charge: Schaerer Soul and Schaerer Club.