Mineral Water and Water +

Taking responsibility means overcoming barriers. VALSER has decided to embrace new paths into the future – into a future full of possibilities.

VALSER springs from the ceaseless flow of water. As unending as our spring may seem, it depends in fact on what we do or don't. It is our inevitable duty to preserve its everlastingness. To protect it means to take care of its source, which we share: With our nature, our environment, our planet.

Our path to a future full of possibilities: We eliminate the effects of our activities on the balance of the climate. We create access to perspectives. We promote and use innovations to find solutions for tomorrow.


VALSER champions packaging made of 100% recycled PET that closes the bottle cycle.

VALSER is the first climate-neutral mineral water in Switzerland.

VALSER supports the groundbreaking technology of Climeworks which filters CO₂ from the air, purifies and recycles it.

Water +

Do you push yourself to your limits every day? Are you always ready for a next challenge and looking to get the best out of you? Then Aquarius is just right for YOU: Aquarius helps to replenish your body’s lost minerals and can support you in tackling your everyday life*.

Aquarius: Supplies your body with zinc and magnesium

When everyday life gets stressful, we often feel exhausted because we lose water and minerals during the day. Put back what life takes out with Aquarius and replenish your body’s lost minerals. Aquarius is a functional water that comes in two refreshing flavours: Aquarius Lemon with Zinc and Aquarius Blood Orange with Magnesium.

One bottle (0.4 L) provides over 30 percent of your daily need of zinc or magnesium. While magnesium contributes to a reduction of tiredness, zinc contributes to the protection of your body’s cells from oxidative stress*.

With its added essential minerals, the low-calorie profile (14 kcal/100ml) and without any preservatives, Aquarius is your perfect everyday companion!

*Consumed as part of a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.