Packaging and Recycling

Packaging and recycling

We are continuously reducing the environmental impact of our beverage packaging without compromising the safety and quality of our products.

Improved packaging

Technological progress allows us to constantly improve our packaging and thus also make it more environmentally friendly. We are always working to reduce the weight of our packaging, which has positive consequences for resource consumption as well as transport. In addition, we are continuously optimising the material used, in particular by using recycled PET (rPET).


rPET content in all PET beverage bottles produced in Switzerland


rPET content on average in Swiss PET beverage bottles

Beverage bottles made from 100% rPET

All PET bottles produced in Switzerland for Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, VALSER and Mezzo Mix are made from 100% rPET – a food-grade raw material created from empty PET packaging that is collected and processed for reuse. Thanks to the closed cycle, used bottles are turned into new bottles again and again. By reusing the material, we save energy, CO₂ and resources for the benefit of the environment. Compared to virgin PET, the production of bottles from recycled material requires only half as much energy.

Green rPET for the first time

100.0323016_Visual_rPET_gruen 100.0323016_Visual_rPET_gruen

Did you know that recycled PET bottles – whether green, brown or blue – were previously produced using clear, colourless PET material? It sounds paradoxical at first. After all, if we are to achieve a complete circular economy with 100% rPET, shouldn’t new green rPET bottles be produced using green PET bottles? That’s why, in 2022, we introduced green rPET – for our VALSER Sparkling bottles. We received the Swiss Packaging Award from the Swiss Packaging Institute (SVI) in recognition of this milestone.

After three years of intensive preparation, and numerous material and colour tests, we are able to reduce the amount of clear PET we use by 1,200 tonnes a year thanks to the closed cycle for green rPET – equivalent to around an eighth of our annual PET usage. Although the colour of the green bottles can vary slightly, we decided to live with these inconsistencies rather than recolouring the bottles – for the sake of sustainability. We are proud of this latest innovative solution that helps us achieve our sustainability goals and thank our partner PET-Recycling Switzerland for their close collaboration on this project. 

High recycling rates without obligation

Every beverage packaging has advantages and disadvantages in terms of functionality and ecology. The following applies in any case: the more often we reuse packaging, the greater will be its environmental benefit. This is why recycling is a crucial factor in the sustainable use of packaging.

PET is by far the most popular packaging material in the Swiss beverage market. The Swiss population demonstrates a very high level of collection discipline: they return over 82% of all PET bottles. This is ultimately also thanks to the commitment of PET-Recycling Switzerland (PRS). As a founding member, Coca-Cola in Switzerland is committed to the collection and recycling of the beverage bottles produced.


of PET bottles are
recycled in Switzerland  


is the recycling rate for
aluminium cans in Switzerland 

Labelfree bottles

VALSER becomes the first Swiss mineral water to dispense without labels in a test run. Labelfree comes in a long line of innovations and not only saves packaging material, but at the same time takes another step towards the full circular economy.

We are convinced: the future belongs to bottles without labels. We will continue to push innovative concepts that make our products even more environmentally friendly.

Labelfree bottles Labelfree bottles

A world without waste

With the ambitious “A world without waste” programme, we have set ourselves the goal of collecting and recycling the amount of bottles and cans sold by the company worldwide in the form of waste by 2030. In this way, we as the Coca-Cola system want to contribute to a world without waste. With numerous projects around the world, we are committed to increasing recycling rates and raising people’s awareness.

Marco Pauli

Recycling is a decisive factor when it comes to sustainable packaging.

Marco Pauli Packaging Manager Coca-Cola HBC Schweiz