In everything we do, we believe it is important to grow together with our customers in the food service and hotel sector. We are a dependable partner, and customer satisfaction is our top priority.

As a Swiss beverage producer with local roots dating back to 1936, Coca Cola Switzerland has close connections with the food service and hotel sector. We work in various sales channels, including restaurants, cafés, bars and takeout restaurants.


Our customers count on working with us in a spirit of partnership, adding benefit on all sides. We believe it is important to offer our customers the best-quality products and a broad range of beverages.

Our refrigerators offer the following benefits: 

Higher sales thanks to visibility and attractive presentation of beverages in coolers. 

Taken straight from the cooler, the bottle is ready to serve in one smooth motion. 

Coca-Cola HBC refrigerators are provided at no cost to you, and repairs and replacements are free of charge. 

Our models are quiet, and they feature the latest technology for energy efficiency. 


Restaurants, bars, and cafés are valued partners and customers of Coca-Cola Switzerland. That’s why we offer various merchandising and promotional options to support you. These offerings can help you cut costs, plus we offer attractive refunds. We can also help you boost sales, creating a win-win situation for everyone.