Nutrition and Well-Being

Nutrition and well-being

We produce and sell the world's most successful soft drinks and make a point of providing a wide selection and ensuring the highest product safety. 

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It's the choice that makes it 

We offer our consumers a wide selection of calorie-reduced or calorie-free beverages in various package sizes. Today, almost six out of every ten drinks sold (60 percent) are from our water or reduced-calorie ranges. 47 percent of all drinks sold contain no sugar. We invest continuously in new and tasty, calorie-reduced and calorie-free products. 


of our sold beverages are
produced in Switzerland


of our sold drinks are from our
water or reduced-calorie range


of our sold drinks are
entirely sugar-free

Market responsibility

In the marketing and sale of our drinks we are guided by the "Swiss Pledge". Together with other leading Swiss food and beverage manufacturers, we have voluntarily committed ourselves since the beginning of the initiative not to advertise to children under 13 years and to refrain from product-specific communication aimed at primary schools.

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