Wholesale Customers

We supply cash-and-carry supermarkets, breweries, and independent beverage distributors all over Switzerland with our broad range of products. The satisfaction and trust of our customers is our top priority.

We offer our customers a diverse range of beverages in various package shapes and sizes. Our portfolio contains a broad selection of carbonated and still beverages, energy drinks, water, and coffee, offering the right product for any moment and need.

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Customer service 

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. That’s why our service center is available anytime you have questions or comments.  

Customer satisfaction and solid, productive partnerships are important to us. That’s why our sales teams work closely with customers, providing support with both networking and sales. 

About our customers 

The cash & carry / full provider category encompasses various cash-and-carry supermarkets. With their wide range of products and large quantities, these warehouse-style stores are an especially attractive option for dining chains and takeout restaurants. 

Breweries have depots in various places in Switzerland, which are served by our Wholesale Account Managers (WAMs). Our National Account Managers (NAMs) work very closely with decision makers to reach targets efficiently. 

Some beverage distributors have joined together to form associations. Swissdrink and GDI (Groupement de Dépositaires Indépendants) are two of these groups. They pursue two goals: first, to create positive effects by working as an alliance, and second, to strengthen the competitive position of every independent beverage distributor that is a member. These associations ensure that distributors serve the market as a group, with shared business development.

The VSG (Verband Schweizerischer Getränkegrossisten) /ASDB (Association Suisse des distributeurs de boissons / Associazione Svizzera distributori di bibite) pursues and promotes the interests of Swiss beverage wholesalers as an umbrella association. Alongside this association, there are also independent beverage distributors, differentiated primarily by packaging units and types (such as reusable packaging). 

We help beverage distributors expand from logistics to sales activities, and we are committed to regional dialogue. We promote cooperation with associations and offer networking platforms. 


To stay ahead of the competition, we don’t just satisfy our customers with our performance – we make sure they’re thrilled.

Thomas Meier Wholesale Account Manager & Team Leader