Employees and Society

Employees and society

In our role as a Swiss company, we want to make an active contribution to our society. That’s why we are involved in social projects, promote the well-being of our employees and take a stand for social cohesion in our country. 

Social commitment

We have been at home in Switzerland for over 80 years now. As a company with local roots, we aim to make an active contribution to society, above and beyond our responsibilities as an employer, business partner, taxpayer, and sponsor. We support charitable causes through various initiatives, volunteer activities, and donation campaigns. 

Health and safety

A moment’s inattention is all it takes to slip or hit your head: everyday situations that also have to be dealt with at work. Therefore, we are focusing on raising employees‘ awareness regularly of such issues, especially in production and sales. 

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For a Switzerland where people stand #together 

Respecting and valuing the diversity of both our employees and our consumers is a matter of course for us.

Freedom, tolerance, community and respect are core values at Coca-Cola – in Switzerland and worldwide. That’s why we are committed to ensuring a diverse society, free of discrimination. 

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We live and breathe diversity

We support integration, equal treatment, and diversity in our own policies and through our business practices. To us, what counts are team spirit, experience and performance, no matter what a person’s background may be. 

As champions of equality, Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland examines pay equality within its own company every year by means of objective measuring criteria. The results of the test revealed that the difference lies within the tolerance range of the analysis. This means that there is no pay discrimination at Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland.