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Equal Pay Day 2023: Coca-Cola HBC pays men and women equally

In 2023, once again, we are using Equal Pay Day as an opportunity to campaign for equality in the workplace. Equal pay is a fundamental part of equality and Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland aims to set a good example in this area.

Equal Pay Day is an international day of action and this year it took place on 18 February 2023. This day aims to make visible the pay gap that exists between men and women by highlighting the fact that, up until this day in the year, women in Switzerland are essentially working for free. Through the Equal Pay Day campaign, the Business & Professional Women association hopes to raise awareness of pay discrimination.

No noticeable differences in pay

As champions of equality, Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland examines pay equality within its own company every year by means of objective measuring criteria. This process is known as Logib and is a self-test developed by the Swiss Federal Office for Gender Equality. The results of the test revealed that the difference lies within the tolerance range of the analysis, and this does not represent discrimination against either gender. This means that there is no pay discrimination at Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland.

Towards a modern and diverse Switzerland

In addition, Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland is committed to social equity and gender equality. For us, both values are directly related to practising sustainability. We want to make further sustainable contributions to society by campaigning for equality, inclusion and diversity. We do not accept any form of discrimination or exclusion and, instead, are committed to ensuring that everyone can experience the great diversity that the small country of Switzerland has to offer.


In Coca-Cola HBC Swizterland men and women get equal pay for equal work. We simply don’t know for any other way. If you have the talent, drive and commitment to succeed, we will always do what we can to find the best opportunities to help you grow and develop, no matter, gender, race, ethnicity, age or any other status. And by doing so, despite some barriers and biases that still exist, we support our society in respecting and embracing the potential of every last one of us.

Dragana Koruga Ristic People and Culture Director