Energy and Climate

Energy and climate

To protect our climate, we are constantly at work to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities, relying on renewable energies and innovative technologies in the process. 

Certification for climate protection

We were the first beverage company in Switzerland to be certified by Swiss Climate as “CO2 Optimised”. This means that Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland has a comprehensive, certified CO2 footprint assessment and has also defined priorities and initiatives to reduce emissions. In this way an important foundation has been laid for continuing make a significant contribution to protecting the climate.

100% power from renewable sources 

Our bottling plants derive 100% of their power from renewable sources. In Vals, for example, we use the roof of the production building for solar cells. The array there produces enough solar energy to power approximately 64 households. This helps contribute to the community’s electrical grid while preserving the village image, which is part of the area’s protected cultural heritage.  

CO2 from the air

This project is the first of its kind in the world: VALSER is the first – and thus far, the only – beverage company in the world to use CO2 from the air, supporting a forward-looking technology to protect the climate. This groundbreaking innovation is backed by Climeworks, a spinoff of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) whose plant in Hinwil, in the canton of Zurich, uses a patented filter to draw CO2 out of the air and then processes it for reuse. 

Copyright: Climeworks / Julia Dunlop Copyright: Climeworks / Julia Dunlop Copyright: Climeworks / Julia Dunlop


What started as a startup idea has been used in our beverage production activities since 2019: The CO₂ from Climeworks adds fizz to VALSER products.

Through this partnership, VALSER is taking a new approach and demonstrating the use of this innovative technology in beverage production. The pioneering project is also supported by the climate fund of "Stadtwerk Winterthur", as well as the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN). 

Valser is climate neutral Valser is climate neutral

Valser is climate neutral 

VALSER is the first mineral water in Switzerland to be certified as climate-neutral by Swiss Climate. For all its beverages, VALSER calculates the CO₂ emissions produced from pumping the water at the source through to sale to the consumer. In cooperation with Swiss Climate, the company reduces its CO₂ emissions on an ongoing basis. Unavoidable emissions are counterbalanced by high-quality climate projects.


We owe our climate-neutral certification to all the employees who do their part, each and every day, to make sure VALSER’s production operations take our environment into account and meet all of the standards for climate neutrality.

Ilia Tomassi Country Supply Chain Manager at Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland

Setting our sights on CO2 emissions from transportation

Wherever possible, we try to shorten the transportation routes taken by our beverages and rely on trains for transportation. Thanks to our work with logistics partners SBB Cargo and Camion Transport, we are able to reduce even the indirect CO2 emissions stemming from our business operations.  

Setting our sights on CO2 emissions from transportation Setting our sights on CO2 emissions from transportation

gruene_flotte gruene_flotte

The largest green fleet in Switzerland 

We operate the largest green fleet in Switzerland, consisting of natural gas hybrid vehicles and electric cars. This helps us reduce our use of fuel and cut CO2 emissions by 25 to 30%, or about 250 tons of CO2 a year.