We produce our beverages locally: in Dietlikon and Vals. Our goal is to meet commercial demand by delivering beverages on time, in the right quantities and in accordance with high quality standards - in a constantly changing market environment.


We have been producing our beverages in Dietlikon since 1936. Since then, we have constantly developed our production lines and grown our business. 

We produce and distribute carbonated and non-carbonated beverages from The Coca-Cola Company.

On four production lines we produce well-known brands such as Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite, in various sizes and packages. Our products are available in PET, glass bottles, or cans.

We are particularly proud of our ultra-modern high-speed PET line at our plant in Dieltikon. The filling line is characterized by its very high output. The high-speed line produces approx. 42,000 0.5-liter PET bottles per hour, which corresponds to more than 10 bottles per second. The line also makes an important contribution to our environment, as we save more energy and water. For water alone, we achieve a saving of 6,000 litres per hour.



production sites in
Dietlikon and Vals


0.5 liter PET
bottles per second


liters water
saving per hour

The Dietlikon plant also has one of the most modern packaging facilities among the Coca-Cola HBC Group. The modern packaging line not only packs the finished bottles faster, it is also much more efficient in terms of electricity consumption. 

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VALSER mineral water still ranks among the original Swiss branded products. Fresh from the Saint Peter spring, VALSER is one of the most calcium-and magnesium rich mineral waters in Switzerland.

We produce sparkling, non-sparkling and flavoured natural mineral water in in various sizes and packaging forms. Have a look at our VALSER products. 

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Discover the VALSER Water World and learn why mineral water is not ordinary water. 

Quality assurance

All bottling plants at Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland are certified according to recognised quality, food safety, environmental, and workplace safety standards.

Coca‑Cola represents the highest product quality

The quality of our products is a top priority. Therefore, we apply the strictest criteria for food safety and quality. We only use officially approved ingredients that have been subjected to comprehensive scientific testing. All production steps are designed in such a way that they guarantee compliance with highest quality and hygiene requirements. 

Independent auditors check our management systems. Customers or consumers report defects to us via Customer Care Center and Infoline. We process every complaint within 72 hours.

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Both bottling plants of Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland, as well as the whole company, are certified to internationally recognised management system standards in quality, food safety, environment and health and safety.


  • Quality (ISO 9001)
  • Food safety (FSSC 22000)
  • Environment (ISO 14001)
  • Occupational safety (ISO 45001)
  • Carbon footprint certification (ISO 14064-1)

Our management system also meets the requirements of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). In addition, we comply with the globally recognised standard of The Coca-Cola Company, which exceeds the GFSI requirements in many ways and equally incorporates environmental and occupational safety.

All beverages produced by Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland meet or exceed the legal and official quality and food safety requirements.