Coca-Cola in Switzerland

Coca-Cola in Switzerland

Since 1936 Coca-Cola Switzerland has been producing its beverages locally: in Dietlikon or Vals. Most of the ingredients used for our beverages are being sourced from local suppliers. The company thus makes an important contribution to the Swiss economy and creates jobs. 

Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland is the only bottling partner of "the Coca-Cola Company" in Switzerland to produce and distribute Coca-Cola products. We have been at home in Switzerland for over 80 years and produce our drinks locally: in Dietlikon or Vals. In this way we create jobs and make an important contribution to local added value.

We refresh Swiss people with approximately 300 million litres of soft drinks a year. Whenever a Coca‑Cola beverage is sold in Switzerland, not only our approximately 650 employees will benefit but also the Swiss economy. Approximately 80 percent of the drinks sold in Switzerland are manufactured locally. 95% of the ingredients used are being sourced from Swiss suppliers including, for example, drinking and mineral water, carbon dioxide and sugar. The sugar stems from domestic sugar beets produced by Swiss farmers.


production sites
in Dietlikon and Vals



of our products sold
are produced locally



of our ingredients come
from local suppliers

With our local activity, Coca‑Cola is contributing to the value creation of 833 million Swiss francs for the Swiss economy. This corresponds to 0.11% of the national gross domestic product (GDP). At the same time, we are supporting roughly 7,710 further jobs, for example in gastronomy, retail, logistics, industry or agriculture. That means that with every direct job within the Coca-Cola system in Switzerland 12 more are supported in the value chain.


employees work at
Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland



indirectly created jobs along
the value chain in Switzerland


millions CHF added value
for the Swiss economy

These figures are based on the study «Socio-Economic Effects of Coca‑Cola in Switzerland» (SEIA) by Steward Redqueen. The study was launched in order to analyse Coca‑Cola’s influence on the Swiss economy and to verify this with concrete figures.


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