Openair Frauenfeld: Coca-Cola volunteers campaign for a clean environment

Employees of Coca-Cola Switzerland were out in force at Europe’s largest hip hop festival to showcase innovations in the circular economy and, above all, to encourage attendees to keep their environment clean.

The annual national Clean Up Day has become a tradition for the employees of Coca-Cola Switzerland. This year the company and its partners IGSU (Interest Group for a Clean Environment), Kooky and Live Nation Entertainment have adopted new approaches to achieve an even wider scope and impact. From 6 to 8 July 2023, volunteers from the company were out in force at the Europe’s largest hip hop festival, Openair Frauenfeld, as part of three different missions.

Three missions in the spirit of sustainability

A commitment to professional and environmentally-friendly waste disposal at a festival? It makes perfect sense! Over the course of two days, festival attendees had the opportunity to make precisely this commitment and testify to this with their signature on a large billboard in the entrance area.

frauenfeld_clean_up_bekennerplakat1 frauenfeld_clean_up_bekennerplakat1

After all, every bottle disposed of correctly can be recycled, thus closing the material cycle – saving resources, energy and CO₂. This pledge campaign was a resounding success: more than 4,000 festival attendees pledged to dispose of their waste properly.

frauenfeld_clean_up_teamfriday2 frauenfeld_clean_up_teamfriday2

To add to this, ambassador teams were stationed at the entrance to the festival to encourage music fans to keep their environment clean and ensure proper disposal of their waste.

The major initiative ended on Sunday with a clean-up operation at the festival camp site.

Diverse engagement throughout the year

Coca-Cola HBC is the world’s most sustainable beverage company. This accolade in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index 2022* serves both as recognition of the sustainability activities implemented, and a call and motivation to pursue the aim of net zero emissions by 2040 with all of its consequences.

Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland advocates with its partners for a sustainable world every day. Its activities in connection with this are documented extensively in its Sustainability Report. These include its switch to 100% recycled PET (rPET) or its various projects aimed at reducing CO₂ emissions.

* Status of results as of 9 December 2022.