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Sustainability Report 2022: Many steps towards a sustainable future

With the switch to 100% rPET, another increase in the share of low-calorie beverages in our portfolio and various projects to avoid CO₂ emissions, Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland and its partners made further progress in the direction of sustainability in 2022.

csr_report_2022 csr_report_2022

Coca-Cola HBC is the world’s most sustainable beverage company. The conferral of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index 2022* award represents a gratifying recognition of our sustainability activities. At the same time, we see this honour as something that both challenges and motivates us to continue down our path to net-zero emissions by 2040 in the thoroughly systematic manner demanded by this goal. We thus continued to adhere to our strategic agenda with its six pillars of sustainability in 2022.

Energy & climate

For the fifth time in a row, Swiss Climate certified VASLER as climate neutral, and Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland was also recognised again with the CO2 Optimised certification. As a company, we were able to further reduce our Scope 1 and 2 CO2 emissions by an additional 7%.

Some 75% of all Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland vehicles are already gas hybrids and electric cars. We also work closely with our partners to ensure that the transport of our beverages is environmentally friendly. In 2022, we were able to advance and implement various projects in which electric vehicles replace conventional lorries or that involve a shift from road to rail transport.


A total of 95% of the ingredients in our beverages comes from Switzerland. Local sourcing remains a cornerstone of our procurement strategy. Our short transport routes allow us to reduce emissions and have a positive impact on Switzerland as a business location. We again screened and selected 100% of our new suppliers on the basis of environmental criteria.

Use of water

For the third time, the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) certified our bottling plants in Vals and Dietlikon with the Gold Standard. Through the careful use of water, we also achieved our target of 1.54 litres of water consumed per litre of beverage produced in 2022.

Packaging & recycling

We reached a milestone in 2022 with our switch to 100% recycled PET (rPET) for all PET packaging manufactured in Switzerland. On this basis, we are able to reduce our CO2 emissions by approximately 4,000 tonnes per year. Another equally remarkable accomplishment in 2022 was our success in integrating green bottles into a closed-loop recycling system. This means that even non-transparent PET bottles are now being turned into new bottles again and again. The Swiss Packaging Institute (SVI) recognised this innovation with the Swiss Packaging Award.

Nutrition & well-being

Some 61% of all beverages sold in Switzerland were reduced-sugar or sugar-free, representing an increase of 4% compared to the previous year and reflecting our efforts to promote low-calorie products. This puts us on track to reduce the sugar content of our portfolio by an additional 10% from 2019 to 2025.

Employees & society

Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland stands for dedication to localness. Despite declining volumes, the share of locally sourced materials has increased by 19% compared to 2018, resulting in a 13% increase in upstream value added, a positive sign of our strong commitment to sustainability and Switzerland.

There is no wage discrimination at Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland. This was confirmed by the analysis performed with “Logip”, the Federal Office for Gender Equality’s standard analysis tool, which we have been using since 2016. With our diversity and integration policy, we are also committed to ensuring that Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland is an employer for all people.

As a company with deep roots in the local area, we contribute to the success of the Swiss economy. Every job we create directly at Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland makes it possible for 12 additional jobs to be created at other enterprises in sectors such as catering, logistics and agriculture.

* Status of results as of 9 December 2022