Raising the Bar in Upper & Premium HoReCa

New training programmes in the premium HoReCa sector: together with the École hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland has developed three training programmes for its business customers to enable them to recognise trends in the Premium HoReCa sector in the areas of excellence and hospitality and play an active role in shaping them.

The curriculum for the Upper & Premium HoReCa training programme has been developed with the aim of understanding better the needs and expectations of our business customers post-Covid and to enable them to respond in a targeted manner. The programme consists of three tailored, interactive modules:

1) Coca-Cola sales force programme
The first programme is aimed at our Coca-Cola sales force. It follows the outside-in approach and is derived from the needs of our customers. Members of our sales staff learn to recognise and understand the challenges and current issues our business partners are faced with in the premium HoReCa sector and make an active contribution to growing their business.

2) Premium HoReCa VIP programme
The second module is a two-day training course at the EHL and addresses both business owners and management-level staff in the premium HoReCa sector. The objective is to bring together leading personalities from science and practical application to discuss the following points, among others:

  • New trends in the areas of hospitality and F&B
  • Combating the effects of staff shortages
  • Skills and abilities of the future in the premium HoReCa sector
  • Sustainability
  • Digitisation
  • Service excellence and design

3) Premium HoReCa academy
The third module is a fascinating on-line self-study programme for managers and high potentials in and around the HoReCa environment.  Participants are trained in the following areas to enable them to respond appropriately to the needs and expectations of their customers: 

  • Service excellence
  • Trends in F&B management
  • Finance for non-financials
  • Marketing in a digital context
  • Leadership and team management
  • F&B management
  • Human resources and managing generations
  • The world of premium