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Clean Up Day 2021: Coca-Cola employees take action for a clean environment

On national Clean Up Day 2021, the employees of Coca-Cola in Switzerland cleaned the neighbourhoods of the sites in Brüttisellen, Bussigny and Vals of dropped litter. With their hard work, they are taking a stand for a clean environment.

clean_up_day_2021 clean_up_day_2021

The commitment to the most important day of action against littering in Switzerland is already a tradition in the company. Like every year, the employees got to work on Clean Up Day on 17 September 2021 to clean up the municipalities of the sites. They cleared the streets, meadows and forests of dropped litter. 

The Swiss population is among the best worldwide when it comes to the recycling rate. They put over 83% of all PET bottles and over 95% of all aluminium cans in the recycling. However, unfortunately, a lot of packaging in this country also ends up where it shouldn’t be. That’s why Coca-Cola works together with environmental organisations in Switzerland, for example the Interest Group for a Clean Environment (IGSU), to support a litter-free environment.

Patrick Wittweiler, Country Operational Sustainability Manager

Packaging has a value as it can be reused. That is why we are raising awareness on our bottles for responsible disposal and for recycling. Only by working together can we avoid litter in the environment and ensure that used packaging is turned into new packaging. 

Patrick Wittweiler Country Operational Sustainability Manager

With packaging innovations such as the 100% rPET bottle by VALSER, the Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company Switzerland is also making a contribution to ensuring that as many returned bottles as possible are used to make new ones. For example, the PET packaging across all of our beverages is made from 58% recycled material, and the market average is 40%.