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Equal Pay Day 2022: women earn more at Coca-Cola HBC

As part of Equal Pay Day on 20 February 2022, Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland is once again advocating equality in the workplace. This also applies to pay. The current pay equality analysis shows that women, under consideration of personal qualification and characteristics of the job, at Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland even earn slightly more than men.

Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland annually analyses pay equality in the company. This analysis is conducted by use of the Confederation's standard analysis tool "Logib". While the pay difference one year ago was 0.8% in favour of men, it is now 1.1% in favour of women. This is likely to be unique in Switzerland. The difference lies in the tolerance range of the analysis and does not represent discrimination against either gender. 


The results of the current analysis document the fact that, with our pay policy, we have succeeded in nearly eliminating pay discrimination. We will also remain committed to ensuring that the differences are in the range of a statistical deviation in future.

Dragana Koruga-Ristic People & Culture Director

Against pay gaps without an explanation

Unfortunately, a significant pay gap still exists between men and women in Switzerland. The figure is currently around 14.4% (source: BPW Switzerland). 

Equal Pay Day Equal Pay Day

This year, Equal Pay Day will once again be used as an opportunity to raise awareness for the importance of pay equality and the responsibility of companies. 


The principle of the same pay for the same job has to be constantly re-emphasised until it becomes the norm and is implemented everywhere. 

Andreas Dürring Rewards Manager at Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland

Using the weekly activities of a business developer, it is possible to show what pay equality means at Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland: regardless of gender, the same wages are paid for the same work. Find out more on our LinkedIn.

Logib: how pay equality data is collected in companies

In accordance with the Federal Act on Gender Equality, since 1 July 2020, employers with 100 or more employees must carry out a pay equality analysis that is verified by an independent authority. The Federal office for Gender Equality provides the standard analysis tool Logib for this purpose. Pay equality is calculated using a regression analysis, which shows the relationship between dependent and independent variables. Objective factors such as qualifications, length of service and internal competence level are factored in, and gender is then included as an independent variable. If there is no discrimination, gender has no significant influence on pay – only the objective factors do. 

WomenofCCHBC breit WomenofCCHBC breit

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