Stefan's story

Stefan's story


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Working together in the best possible way every single day

"Coca-Cola HBC moves, Coca-Cola HBC moves me, and that's a great thing."

 My career story at CCHBC

I've been with Coca-Cola HBC for 13.5 years. I started in 2005 in the sales force, where I stayed for three years. Then I worked as Sales Manager in various regions, which is why I now know every single food and beverage business in the cantons of Zürich, Schaffhausen, Thurgau and St. Gallen. I worked as a Sales Manager for six years. Then I moved to the Key Account area, where I managed the Regional Gastronomy Key Account Team. Now, I've been managing the Gastronomy Key Account Team for the past year and a half. 

My growth with CCHBC

At Coca-Cola HBC, you definitely have the opportunity to develop and grow. This can be within the same role, but there are also always opportunities for advancement. If you give it your best every day and produce good results, it's certainly possible to move up through the ranks. For example, if you're in the sales force, you can be promoted to Sales Manager, or move to the Key Account Team. There are a lot of different possibilities. We also have different divisions, such as At Work, Hotel Industry, Food and Beverage Industry, and Retail. So there are a lot of options for moving into different directions. During my career, I was able to benefit a lot from the experience of my direct supervisors. For example, when I started in the sales force, I worked under a Sales Manager who helped me a lot and taught me how to sell from the ground up. I was later able to use these skills in order to advance to the same position. 

 About the Coke family

The team spirit at Coca-Cola HBC is extremely good. At no other company have I seen people really moving forward as a team and working together in the best possible way every single day. Of course we also encounter challenges from time to time, but then we sit together at a table and look for solutions. This has been working really well.

My daily motivation

My daily motivation here at Coca-Cola HBC are, first and foremost, my colleagues. Above all, my team and my direct supervisors have an extremely motivating effect on me. Of course you also need self-motivation, that's for sure also part of it. For example, when you were able to place a new product with a customer or when you were able to close a good contract. Those are my main motivational factors. 

My personal success story

When I look back, there have been four development stages throughout my 13 years at Coca-Cola HBC that have led me to new positions and brought me personal success. On the other hand, there are also customer-specific success stories. For example, I had been in contact with a hamburger chain for two years and have attended meetings and submitted quotes time and again. Sometimes, it didn't seem like I was making any progress at all. After two years, we were finally able to sign the contract. Those are great stories. 

What I am proud of as a CCHBC employee

On the one hand, I'm very proud of our products. We have sensational products at Coca-Cola HBC that do not require much explaining because they're known around the world. I like that a lot. On the other hand, I'm also proud of our brand programs, meaning everything we do for our brands so that people know them. For me, one such example is the Coca-Cola Truck, when it can be seen on TV every year in December. Those are great moments for me that make me proud to be working for this brand. 

 My Coke story

My favorite beverage is and always has been Coca-Cola Original.  I drink it at the office. I drink it at home. I drink Coca-Cola when I'm on the road. I think that's because when I was young, we didn't have any soft drinks at home, only water and tea.  Therefore, I went to visit my grandfather every weekend, who always gave me a Coca-Cola. This was a great highlight for me when I was a kid, and I still love this beverage today. 

Fun at work

Of course, on one hand, my job itself is fun. I enjoy it a lot when I visit customers, negotiate with them, and then successfully land a contract. On the other hand, Coca-Cola HBC has so much more to offer. From annual badminton tournaments to soccer every Tuesday afternoon. There are also groups that play floorball together. For example, we took part in an international Companies Cup and are now going to the finals in Milan. Coca-Cola HBC moves, Coca-Cola HBC moves me, and that's supercool about this company. 

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