Claudio's story

Claudio's story


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Remaining true to oneself

"We continuously evolve and know that there are certain trends."

My career story at CCHBC

I've now been with Coca-Cola HBC for one and a half years. Initially, I was working in the area of Category Development & Insights where we analyzed beverages and focused on the beverage assortment. When there are questions about the performance of a brand, we analyze the data with the help of a database. We have also conducted consumer studies in order to analyze or even set trends. Then I switched to the Key Account for our biggest customer, where I learned to bring promotions to customers and to place our portfolio in every pub or bar. 

My growth with CCHBC

In the course of my work, I've met people who have supported me and taught me something. The most important thing was to remain true to myself. I also listened to my gut feeling about what area I liked best and where I could best use my talents best. It then became clear to me very quickly that I wanted to work in Sales. Figuring out exactly which position was of course difficult, but people helped me and steered me in the right direction. You have to pick a path that you want to take and also show that. 

About the RISE Management Trainee Programme

We often hear that when you join a trainee program, you will have a lot of responsibility and be allowed to implement your own projects. That's certainly true for Coca-Cola HBC. What I noticed above all is that you can actually drive things ahead yourself. If you have an idea, you have to have the courage to tell your boss or even your boss's boss about it. Then you can actually realize your idea. That's what initially surprised me here. You have responsibilities and are involved in important daily business operations.

About the CCHBC trainee community

The trainee community is a great help because you become part of a large internal network. We worked together a lot because there are trainees from every department. Be it Supply Chain, Sales, or Marketing, you practically cannot help but meet your fellow trainees. This network also helps you do a good job because you know the people and they are like allies. We also sometimes go outside or have lunch together. This trainee community will always be available to you.

My personal success story

When I started as a trainee, I was allowed to organize the Christmas party. This actually didn't actually have anything to do with my job but it was a lot of fun. I had never done anything like that before and realized that I quite enjoyed it. I was able to implement creative ideas, and in the end, I was able to put together a pretty cool party. This also helped me to get to know more people within the company. It was probably my first success. My first success with a customer happened when I was able to contribute an innovation to a project for the first time.

About the Coke family 

Dynamic. Fast-moving consumer goods. It's exactly like the industry name already suggests. You have to be able to adapt very quickly. A lot can change from one day to the next. You then have to remain flexible and be able to handle this speed. But you can of course always talk to people if you need something. They have an open ear and listen to you.

About the Coke family 

There's some really cool things that I had never heard of with other companies. For example, there is a massage area. Another benefit are for sure the sports activities that are available. You can play soccer, tennis, or floorball. I play tennis with a few colleagues every Monday. This network also helps you to blow off some steam outside of work by playing sports.

Success factors for your job

Communicating with customers in a clear and timely manner is definitely important. In case of problems, you should react promptly and always explain to the customer in clear terms what they can expect when. You just have to be honest with the customer. If you create or don't deal with false expectations, you probably won't be successful. Internal communication is equally important. Be it discussing a marketing plan or reviewing a quote with the Finance Team. That brings me back to the network. You have to quickly talk to the right people in order to be able to offer the customer the right thing at the right time. 

What I am proud of as a CCHBC employee

The brand makes me very proud. I studied marketing and realized back then that I have a passion for brands. Coca-Cola is quite simply THE brand. It makes me proud to work for an international brand that practically everyone knows. It also makes me proud that the company thinks a little further than "only" about soft drinks. We continuously evolve and know that there are certain trends. 

Fun at work

I've a lot of fun at events. Quite often, there are spontaneous happy hour events. It's always nice to get to know people from different departments a little better and in another way. I also have fun when we work on a customer project in the team. This strengthens the communal spirit. It's always exciting when I'm able to brief the team, and then we put heads together and develop an idea as a group.

My Coke story 

My favorite beverage isn't Coca-Cola, but Fanta Lemon. There's a good reason for this. When I was a kid, I always drank Fanta Lemon on vacation. Back then, this beverage was not yet available in Switzerland. When we could finally buy Fanta Lemon here back home, I was very happy. But I still associate Fanta Lemon with summer beach vacations.

My daily motivation

That's undoubtedly the contact with the customer. It always involves an element of excitement. You go into a meeting and don't know what the outcome will be. And then there are also the colleagues. My team is very good and we always have fun. The people here motivate me every day to do my best. 

What should a person bring in order to work at CCHBC?

You have to be adaptable. We are an open but also a fast-paced company. A lot can change from one day to the next. It is important to be able to deal with changes and find solutions. Last but not least, the internal network is extremely important in order to be successful. 

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