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Equal Pay Day 2021 – Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland puts the spotlight on its female employees and their stories

On 20 February 2021, a stand will be taken against gender-based pay discrimination. As a pioneer in this area, Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland is using Equal Pay Day 2021 as an opportunity to increase awareness of the issue both within and outside the company.

WomenofCCHBC breit WomenofCCHBC breit

Due to the pay gap of 14.4% (figures from 2018; source: BPW Switzerland), women in Switzerland effectively work 51 days of the year for free, which equates to a period from 1 January to 20 February. This is why The Association of Business and Professional Women Switzerland (BPW Switzerland) organises the national Equal Pay Day, a day on which they aim to raise awareness of the issue of unequal pay for women.

Equal pay for equal work

Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland is committed to addressing this social issue and is giving it the highest priority. Our pay policy is based on objective metrics. According to Logib, the standard analysis tool for equal pay made available by the Federal Office for Gender Equality, the salary difference between male and female employees in our company is 0.8 percent (2019). “These figures show that we are doing better than average in terms of pay equality. Throughout the company, we remain committed to equality – we strive to ensure that people are given the same opportunities and rewards regardless of their gender”, says Christian Klaus, HR Director ad interim at Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland.

Lights, camera, action: the “#WomenofCCHBC” video series

In order to raise awareness for equality, and to promote Equal Pay Day 2021, Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland is launching a new video series featuring women who work in jobs that are typically dominated by men. The women in the videos talk about their life stories and careers, discuss their average working day and speak about their experiences with gender roles.

Some people might not think a woman can cut it working in the supply chain. But there are plenty of examples of women that are proving these people wrong and challenging these preconceptions.

Ilia Tomassi Country Supply Chain Manager Coca Cola HBC Switzerland

Watch the whole #WomenofCCHBC series here.