Get to know our Production Operators Miladinka, Mirjana, Franziska, Niketa and Mirjam as well as Production Lead Operator Ruza who work in our plant in Dietlikon. Who could better answer the question “Who say’s it’s a man’s job?”.

Ruza Grgic Ruza Grgic

Ruza Grgic

“Any kind of diversity improves the atmosphere.”

Ruza works for one year at CCHBC Switzerland. For Ruza, being a Production Lead Operator, is a job with many exciting challenges, as you always learn new skills – and not only technical skills, but soft skills as well – as you work with people and you are able to lead teams. Her opinion on the gender topic at work: “There is no male or female job, it is a stereotype. But, any kind of diversity improves the atmosphere for sure.”

Miladinka Maksimovic Miladinka Maksimovic

Miladinka Maksimovic

“For those who think it’s a man’s job, my only advice is – come and try. You’ll change your mind.”

Miladinka likes her job as Production Operator and the numbers confirm it: she is with CCHBC Switzerland for 27 years. She says: “I constantly learn something new at work. For me, this is my second home.” In her perception her male colleagues like diversity at work, they are always ready to help and support each colleague. Additionally: “New generations are coming, and they do not stereotype. For them a job is just a job. I fully agree with them.”

Mirjana Stefanovic Mirjana Stefanovic

Mirjana Stefanovic

“With improved technology that reduces any need for physical strength, every job in production is simply a job – not a man’s or woman’s job.”

Mirjana works for CCHBC Switzerland for 32 years and associates with her job as Production Operator firstly teamwork. She says: “I like my team and the atmosphere at work. This is a solid paid job. On top of that I have a good relationship with my managers. It is never boring, I am always on the move, its dynamic and very engaging. There is little physical strength needed with the advanced technologies that we have, so it is definitely a genderless job.”

Franziska Dietrich Franziska Dietrich

Franziska Dietrich

“It makes me proud to work in the front line and see the result of my work on the shelves in the supermarket or in the restaurant.”

Franziska joined CCHBC Switzerland 3 months ago. She remembers: “My friends did not even mention this as a man’s job. We wondered though if the job will be repetitive. Luckily this is not the case, we have different challenges every day, the job has evolved over the years, especially through digitalization, which requires many technical skills.” Despite the size of the company, Franziska points out how familiar the work at production feels for her.

Niketa Bistrican Niketa Bistrican

Niketa Bistrican

“I was not sure I would like my job at the beginning. Now I’m happy I took the challenge!”

Niketa was not sure she would like her job at the beginning, for example, to work among so many male colleagues, but, she is happy she tried. After a year at CCHBC Switzerland she does not want to go back. She says: “You do not even feel the difference at work, everybody is the same, at the end your performance at work counts.”

women_in_production women_in_production

Mirjam Meierhofer

“Being a Production Operator gives you a lot of flexibility. I like the regularity in the irregularity.”

Against some perceptions, Mirjam likes the shift work, it gives flexibility. You can even change shifts with your colleagues or avoid rush hours. She says: “Our job is not so different than an office job. Especially, there is no difference between men and women”. She adds with a wink: “Let alone we have the exact same uniform.”

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