Sarah's story

Sarah's story


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Looking for something tangible in the financial world

"When you have fun together, it's also much easier to work together."

My career story 

I used to work in the financial industry, and now I've been at Coca-Cola HBC for almost a year and a half. For me, it was important to get out of the financial industry because I was looking for something more tangible. That's why my path led me to a company that makes physical products. Now I can go to the supermarket, look at the beverage shelves and say: "Coca-Cola HBC, my company makes that!" That's quite different, it's simply more tangible. 

I work in the Finance Department at Coca-Cola HBC. There are two of us in my team, and we are primarily responsible for all questions regarding taxes, coordination with our Service Center in Bulgaria and with external government agencies including public auditors. That may sound a bit boring now but it's really quite exciting and there's a lot of variety. 

About the Coke family

I especially like the whole atmosphere at work. I can only speak about our department, but the team always comes first. Everybody's extremely helpful, and there are no strict hierarchies. You can approach anybody, including the CFO, and ask them a question. Everything is very relaxed and everybody's very open. When I started at CCHBC Switzerland, I was very surprised about how international the teams are. Here in the Finance Department, we're about 40 people from 10 to 12 different nations. That means that a lot of cultures are coming together here, which makes the teamwork even more interesting. 

We all help each other. As a representative of the Finance Department, you can also approach the Marketing or Sales Team, and everybody will try to help you. There's always a give-and-take. I think that's fantastic.

My growth with CCHBC

There are good career opportunities here at CCHBC. It's not impossible to move from the Finance Department to the Marketing or Sales Team after a couple of years. If you say what you're interested in, you're being taken seriously and supported, so that you get to do something you like.

Benefits for me as an employee 

For me, one of the advantages, without a doubt, are the flexible work hours. We all have a doctors appointment or other important appointments that we have to miss work for every now and then. I also like that it's possible to work from home. Another thing that is not a given in the greater Zürich area is that you get a free parking spot. 

Fun at work 

Here in the Finance Team, we do a lot together. For example, we went boating in the summer, and in the winter, we did a Secret Santa gift exchange. I think that these kinds of activities are important in order to get to know your colleagues from a different side. When you have fun together, it's also much easier to work together. 

What I'm proud of as a CCHBC employee Coca-Cola HBC doesn't only look at their bottom line, but the company also produces sustainably and works hard to protect the environment. Here in the finance team, we charge monthly recycling fees. Coca-Cola HBC pays a lot of money to PET Recycling. That makes me very proud.  

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