Marco's story

Marco's story


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A dynamic environment

"I'm a good example to show that it's possible to have a great career at Coca-Cola HBC."

My career story at CCHBC 

Before CCHBC I had a management job in retail, and one day I realized that, surely, that couldn't be the end of the line for me. I had a longing for market, measurability, and certain freedoms. And that's how I came to the Coca-Cola field team. I've now been with Coca-Cola for seven and a half years. I've gone through almost every position in Sales. I started as a Customer Advisor and after three years, I completed a training as a Sales Manager. In my subsequent position as Regional Sales Manager for Bern, I was able to get some experience in team management under my belt. One and a half years later, I switched to the "At Work" Channel in order to serve private customers such as banks, schools, and universities. In that position, I led the team for the entire German-speaking part of Switzerland on an interim basis. Since September 2018, I am a Regional Sales Manager and responsible for one third of Switzerland. 

My growth with CCHBC

I'm a good example to show that it's possible to have a great career at Coca-Cola HBC. After having successfully worked in the field for two and a half years, Coca-Cola HBC invested in my further training to become a Sales Manager. Coca-Cola HBC supported me in this step both time-wise and financially. And once I had completed the training, I was given the opportunity to put my newly acquired knowledge to the test. My current position shows that Coca-Cola HBC really believes in you and also gives young people a chance. 

About the Coke family 

For me, it's the team spirit that ultimately makes Coca-Cola HBC a great place to work. You can feel that as soon as you come to the company headquarters. The atmosphere is dynamic, the people are young but at the same time, they have already gained a lot of work experience at Coca-Cola HBC. Therefore, in my view, the team at Coca-Cola HBC works very well. When I started, I was positively surprised by the warm welcome people gave me. Everybody came to me right away and asked whether they could help or support me. I had also never before experienced such a dynamic environment like the one here. At Coca-Cola HBC, each day is different and exciting. I enjoy getting up for work every morning.

Fun at work

I have a good sense of humor. Therefore, I really blossom when I'm in contact with people. For example, I really enjoy working with other people on a project, advising my customers, or coaching my Regional Sales Managers. Coca-Cola HBC also has a soccer team where you can play even if you don't have a lot of talent and just want to have fun. Some of us also like to go out together after work. 

What I am proud of as a CCHBC employee

Often, all you have to do is tell people that you work at Coca-Cola, and their ears perk up. "Oh, at Coca-Cola, cool!" With reactions like this, it makes me proud every time to be representing such a cool and tradition-steeped brand. Of course I'm also proud of the various leader brands in our product assortment. With Fanta, Sprite, Coke, and Fusetea, we have top brands in every category.  For me, being able to take such a product portfolio to customers is a great feeling. 

What should a person bring in order to work at CCHBC?

People have to be prepared to work hard, be flexible, have a good sense of humor, and simply have fun at work. Having a charismatic personality would be great. That's what we need most in Sales. 

My personal success story

One of my biggest success stories goes like this: When I started with Coca-Cola HBC as a customer advisor, there was a restaurant in my sales territory that I had observed for quite some time. It was a great establishment. I was constantly wondering what approach I should take in order to get them to include our water as part of their beverage range. Initially, it was very difficult for me to make inroads because the customer didn't really seem interested in the beginning. One day, they held a theater performance there that I attended together with my wife. We had a good meal, and funny enough, the customer came to our table that evening and started talking to me: "You work at Coca-Cola, don't you? You've already been in here a few times. It's about water, isn't it? Let's make an appointment for next week." And sure enough, this customer has been carrying our Valser water ever since. I even had my wedding reception at this customer's restaurant. 

This is one of many examples that happen in the market every day, and it shows what it means if you are passionate about the product. Even if it's only a small story, it's one that I like to reminisce about. 

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