We focus on protecting water sources and using water efficiently.

Water ratio: litres of water consumed per litre of produced beverage (l/lpb)

On track for our 2020 water target

Water is our most important raw material. It is used in our beverages and for cooling and cleaning in our production process. We can only grow sustainably if we ensure that local water supplies remain plentiful.  In 2016 we needed 1.67 litres of drinking water to produce each litre of beverage. Compared to 2010, our production is now 13 percent more efficient. We are on track to achieve our target for 2020 of 1.53 litres of water to produce 1 litre of beverage.

Fast, faster, high speed

In autumn 2015, our employees started up the new high-speed PET line in Dietlikon. This modern facility is so productive that it has completely replaced the two bottling lines in our Bolligen plant.

It fills more than 11 bottles per second and about three articulated lorry consignments per hour – the equivalent of 1.3 million litres of beverage per day. This is made possible by a machine block in which bottles are blown, cleaned with ionized air instead of water, labelled, filled and sealed. As the conveyor belts do not need lubrication, enormous amounts of water are saved: 6,000 litres or about 43 bathtubs full – every hour!

Water-Stewardship Gold
European Water Stewardship

Gold medal for our efforts

In 2014, the European Water Stewardship (EWS) awarded us gold certification for our water management and reconfirmed it in 2019. This label confirms that we practise sustainable (mineral) water processing – a novelty in the beverages market in Switzerland. The seal of approval, developed by bodies including the WWF, rewards our painstaking work on how we abstract water, handle chemicals, improve our water efficiency and communicate with stakeholders. We are taking appropriate measures in all of these areas.

Our target by 2020: 1,53 litres of water to produce 1 litre of beverage