Less energy, lower CO2 emissions, reduced water consumption: The 2018 sustainability report presents these and other facts about our business activities.

Our latest sustainability report shows: We achieved a lot in 2018! Thanks to great efforts, we were able to reduce our energy consumption by 23 percent over a five-year period, for example. In the same time span, we lowered the amount of water needed to produce a liter of our beverages by nine percent, to 1.64 liters. And when it comes to sales and distribution of our growing beverage assortment, we reduced CO2 emissions by 11 percent.

Ambitious projects in 2019

But that’s not all: This year, too, we are working on various projects to reduce our environmental impact even more. We are especially proud of our climate-neutral VALSER mineral water, which starting this year will contain pure CO2 (carbonation) derived directly from the air. This is possible thanks to the new technology developed by ETH spinoff Climeworks.

This strategic cooperative initiative is just one field of innovation within our six sustainability pillars. We are also replacing large portions of our vehicle fleet in 2019, for a further significant reduction in our emissions. We are continuing to work on increasing the amount of recycled material used in our PET bottles, which stood at 42 percent (significantly above the market average) in 2018. And not long from now, in 2020, our production sites will derive 100 % of their electricity from renewable sources.

For further information on all aspects of our activities to benefit society and the environment, please see our 2018 sustainability report.