2019 sustainability report: Valuable projects for people and the environment implemented

Lower CO2 emissions and water and energy use along with greater commitment and dedication to our employees and society at large. The 2019 sustainability report showcases these facts and more about our business activities.

Thanks to various optimizations along the entire value chain, we succeeded in reducing our energy and water use in 2019. It took 30% less energy to produce a liter of our beverages in 2019 than it had in 2010. We reduced our use of water to produce a liter of beverage by 20% during the same time span.

Our route to sustainability Our route to sustainability

Further reduction in environmental impact

Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland pursued and successfully concluded various initiatives in 2019. For example , in 2019, Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland replaced a large portion of its vehicle fleet. Today, we have the largest green fleet in Switzerland, consisting of natural gas hybrid and electric cars. In the area of packaging, we continuously strive to increase the percentage of recycled PET in our PET bottles. In 2019, we were able to raise the rPET percentage in our PET bottles to 47% (market average: 35%). These and other projects help us to reduce our environmental impact on an ongoing basis.

We are also committed to our employees and society at large. Particularly noteworthy developments include pay equality between men and women: The difference stood at 0.8% at Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland in 2019. This puts us well below the market average (14.4%), and we are continuing to shrink the gap. For further information on all aspects of our activities to benefit people and the environment, please see our 2019 sustainability report.