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Together for the climate: Coca-Cola HBC is now a member of swisscleantech

Protecting the climate is a challenge that can only be taken on together with the business community. Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland and swisscleantech agree: climate-friendly business practices are growing ever more important when it comes to continuously reducing our impact on the climate. By working together, climate goals are to be achieved more quickly. 

Coca-Cola HBC is now a member of swisscleantech Coca-Cola HBC is now a member of swisscleantech

On our path to sustainability, we have formulated ambitious goals and are continuously working to reduce our environmental footprint. As an industry leader in the Down Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), we play a pioneering role in many respects and are committed to a sustainable future together with various partners.

Joining forces for a climate-friendly economy

It was therefore an obvious step to cooperate with the business association swisscleantech. swisscleantech is committed to the creation of a climate-friendly economy and economically appropriate climate policy. Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland and swisscleantech agree that effectively protecting the climate can only work through joint commitment. We are pursuing ambitious targets together and are convinced that this is the right approach to achieving success. Christian Zeyer, Managing Director of swisscleantech, believes that this joint commitment is absolutely vital: “We are pleased to be partnering with Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland. By focusing on climate change, the company is setting a very good example in the beverage industry. The dedication and commitment of the business community is crucial to achieving climate targets.”

Setting the course for climate protection using science-based targets

Last year we drew up a comprehensive CO2 footprint assessment that included factors ranging from our ingredients to the disposal of our packaging. We then used this assessment to define targeted measures to reduce emissions. Our holistic climate strategy made it possible for us to become the first beverage company in Switzerland to receive the “CO2 Optimised” certification from Swiss Climate.

But that’s not all, as we are in the process of developing "Science Based Targets (SBT)" in the course of this year. By 2022, we will define binding targets and start with their implementation. With this scientific approach, we can further advance CO2 reduction in a manner that is in line with global climate objectives. 

Here is how we are demonstrating our commitment to the climate: 

We obtain all the electricity needed for our bottling plants from renewable sources. One way in which we accomplish this goal is by using the roof of our production building in Vals as the stage for a photovoltaic system. The solar power produced there corresponds to the energy requirements of approx. 64 households. That allows us to contribute to the electricity grid of the municipality while helping the village preserve its historic appearance, which is under local heritage protection.

The project is a world premiere: VALSER is the first and the only beverage company in the world so far to use CO₂ from the air, supporting a pioneering technology to protect our climate. The ETH spin-off Climeworks uses a patented filter to remove CO₂ from the air at its facility in Hinwil (Zurich) and prepares it for reuse in our beverages.

VALSER became the first mineral water in Switzerland to be awarded as “climate-neutral” by Swiss Climate. VALSER calculates the CO₂ emissions of all its beverages, from extraction of the spring water to sale of the beverage to consumers. In cooperation with Swiss Climate, the company is continuously reducing its CO₂ emissions. Emissions that cannot be avoided are offset in high-quality climate projects. 

Whenever possible, we try to shorten the transport routes of our beverages and use rail transport. By working with our logistics partners SBB Cargo and Camion Transport, we also reduce the indirect CO₂ emissions of our business activities. 

We operate Switzerland’s largest green fleet, consisting of both gas hybrid vehicles and electric cars. This allows us to achieve fuel savings and CO₂ reduction of 25 to 30%, corresponding to around 250 tonnes of CO₂ annually.