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Coca-Cola employees take action against littering

More than 50 Coca-Cola Switzerland employees participated in this year’s World Clean-up-Day in Brüttisellen, Bussigny and Vals. More than anything, their volunteer efforts for a clean Switzerland came from the heart!

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For many participants, this is not the first time they’ve put on a pair of gloves and grabbed a few rubbish bags to take a stand against litter.


Taking responsibility means more than just properly sorting your own rubbish. It means leading the way for others and demonstrating ways in which we can all make a difference.

Flavio Calligaris Operational Marketing and New Business Development Manager at Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland

Making a statement together

Our employees’ volunteer efforts for a cleaner Switzerland do not go unnoticed, emphasizes Nora Steimer, Managing Director of the Interest Group for a Clean Environment in Switzerland (IGSU): “With their actions, the company helps to draw attention to Clean-up-Day. In order to reduce littering over the long term, we need people to change their attitudes. That is why the aim of Clean-up Day is to raise awareness in Switzerland about the problem of littering and to come together to make a statement for a cleaner environment. On Clean-up-Day, company employees do more than just advocate for a cleaner environment in the region – they often network with other people from their neighbourhoods and communities.”

Nevertheless, for the participants, the main focus is cleaning up the environment. As Jillian Kelly, an apprentice at Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland, explains: “When I heard that we could participate in Clean-up Day, I signed up immediately. Cleaning up our communities in order to help the environment – that’s all the motivation I need.”

Clean-up-Day 2020

On 11 and 12 September 2020, more than 500 municipalities, schools, companies and clubs across Switzerland pitched for the eight year in a row as part of Clean-up-Day, picking up any rubbish they found on the streets, public parks, meadows and forests in and around their communities. At Coca-Cola Switzerland, this national day of action is one of the activities the company undertakes every year to demonstrate its commitment the community. 

World Clean-up-Day is one of the world’s largest international mass movements. The idea originated in Estonia in 2008 when 50,000 people pitched in to clean up the entire country in just five hours. They inspired the entire world!