Red Talks

Red Talks

Our employees are the main ingredient for the success of Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland. They bring their personal and inspiring stories to work and play a key role in shaping our corporate culture.


Dennis started as Management Trainee Commercial at CCHBC Switzerland in 2018 and then joined our sales team as Key Account Manager. Today he is National Key Account Manager and always strives for the best results, which can only be achieved together with our customers. From his passion for equestrian sports, he knows what it means to always give your best and to strive for top performance and success with a strong partner. 


In the second RedTalk, the spotlight falls on Christian Klaus, People & Culture Manager at CCHBC Switzerland, who is in Hungary at the moment for his development programme. He knows what it means to bear responsibility and to actively shape his own future. Christian has demonstrated this in many areas since childhood – by becoming a Swiss citizen in 2021, for example, so as to be allowed to vote on the “Marriage for all” law, among other things. Christian unwinds by performing mindfulness exercises and by travelling – he’s already visited 67 countries!


Gerry Süess, a long-standing employee and Sales Team Leader at Valser Service AG know what it means to work hard to achieve your goals, never lose your focus and make a difference. Gerry is a former winner of the Swiss wrestling crown and can look back over a successful career in this sport. Today, Gerry trains up-and-coming athletes, presents Swiss wrestling championships and is active in many other respects.


This RedTalk revolves around Alexandra Vagias, apprentice in her third year with Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland and currently active in the key accounts section. Alexandra knows very well how crucial it is for staff to work together and with dedication while positioning the joint target on a higher level than one’s own personal success. Since she was a young girl, Alexandra has played football and her football team, FC Wallisellen, plays a key role in her life.  


This RedTalk focuses on Rebeka Modelska, financial analyst and passionate triathlete. Rebeka knows what it means to keep an eye not only on the finish line but also on everything it takes to get there, and to then celebrate success in style. Rebeka started her triathlon training three years ago and, by 2022, was already taking part in the IRONMAN World Championship in Utah, USA.  


This RedTalk focuses on Gregor Reinau, Business Developer At Home, and first responder. As such, Gregor is the first person on the scene when someone nearby suffers a cardiac emergency - he is alerted via app. He knows what it means to react with a clear head in a delicate situation and to respond to those involved with empathy and care. "If you have it, you have it," says Gregor about his helper gene.  


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