Three Cents

Three Cents

Three Cents was founded in 2014 by a group of forward-thinking bartenders in search of the perfect cocktail mixer. They are premium, artisanal beverages crafted without any preservatives and artificial colorings.

Three Cents premium Tonic and Soda Beverages are inspired by the late 19th century soda fountain culture and artisanal production. The easiest way to always create the most flavored and balanced drinks, within seconds.

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Three Cents Pink Grapefruit Soda


Premium drink crafted for making the Original Paloma. Combining the aromatic essence & flavor of fresh fruits, Three Cents have succeeded in creating a supreme pink soda beverage with an intense & complex aroma standing out in long-drinks & other cocktail recipes.

Made of carbonated water, sugar, citric acid & all natural pink grapefruit skin. Gluten free and suitable for vegans. This pink fizzy beverage carries the drawing of a dove on its bottle, also known as Paloma.

Three Cents Cherry Soda


Three Cents Cherry Soda brings back the nostalgic appeal of crafted cherry syrup as a vintage offering in soda fountain bars of the 30s.

By captivating the precious almond aroma of the kernels & the floral & fruity notes of wild cherry bark, we have perfectly delivered the complex, sweet, ripe and dry flavors of the fruit in a unique soda, ideal for your slings, smashes and floats.

Three Cents Pineapple Soda


Three Cents Pineapple Soda is created to spotlight the tropical aromas of fresh, ripe pineapples, sourced from Caribbean and South America regions. Crafted to elevate your Tiki concoctions and rum long drinks or exotic cocktails. Also, it can be enjoyed as a refreshing soft drink on its own.

Three Cents Mandarin & Bergamot Soda


Three Cents team wanted to embody the freshness & complexity of Mediterranean citrus in one extraordinary soda

Aromatic Bergamots & zesty Mandarins, two of the most exiting Mediterranean citrus with intense and complex aromas. Their combination results in the precious Three Cents Mandarin & Bergamot Soda. Perfect for apperitivo style drinks and spirits.

Three Cents Ginger Beer


Ginger Beer is one of the smoothest sodas in existence, an indispensable bar mate for the bartender.

Naturally sweetened, non-alcoholic beverage with fresh ginger & spices combined with carbonated natural spring water perfect for punches, non-alcoholic cocktails & mules. Three Cents Ginger Beer, made of green pepper & fermented ginger from India is a delicious choice even for those who are not so fond of fresh ginger itself but still enjoy a long-lasting spicy aftertaste.

Three Cents Sparkling Lemonade


Three Cents Sparkling Lemonade combines the warm and sweet undertones of Mediterranean lemons, with the tangy and slightly fermented aromas, of the highly prized by chefs and bartenders, Australian finger lime.

Created to accompany your best fruit cups and boozy lemonades with its distinctive sharpness, but also to be enjoyed as a refreshing soft drink on its own.

Three Cents Tonic Water


Three Cents have envisioned a Tonic Water the way it was meant to be, a tonic water to accompany your premium gins and vodkas and enhance the flavor and fizziness of your long drinks.

Back in the day, tonic water was known for its medicinal properties & only contained carbon water along with large amounts of quinine. Today, it is more diluted and less bitter and its purpose is to ease the gin or vodka through your throat.

Three Cents Aegean Tonic


Three Cents Aegean Tonic Water is as light and refreshing as the Mediterranean Sea breeze.

A pleasant revitalizing tonic water made by high quality natural quinine, cucumber, basil & other herbs, spices and citruses from the Greek land. A tonic water so invigorating and sharp that will bring your long drinks and cocktails to life. Perfect for adding a Greek twist and a vibrant character to a low alcohol cocktail.

Three Cents Lemon Tonic


The main idea behind Three Cents Lemon Tonic was to highlight the 3 Greek varieties of lemons & create a genuinely refreshing tonic water for your cocktails and long drinks

By blending the aromas & flavors of yellow lemons, limes & bitter oranges from the Mediterranean region, high quality natural quinine & carbonated spring water, they have managed to create a lemon tonic unlike any other.

Three Cents Dry Tonic


Light as a feather, but without compromising in character and flavour, Three Cents Dry Tonic, combines the finest spring water, with high quality natural quinine and the delicate lemony aromas of selected citruses and botanicals.

Ideal partner to your vodkas, London Dry gins and crafted white spirits.