Thanks to an initiative from Coca‑Cola Switzerland, food service establishments and hotels in Switzerland can order partitions at a discounted price, allowing them to accommodate up to 40% more guests.

Coca‑Cola Switzerland supports food service establishments with plexiglass panels.

Although food service establishments and hotels have reopened, they are still feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to prevent a new outbreak, tables must be spaced at least two meters apart, which translates into a substantial loss of revenue.

Partitions between the tables let food service establishments serve up to 40% more guests. However, the material used to make these dividers is in high demand and therefore expensive.

Thanks to an initiative launched by Coca‑Cola Switzerland, 500 plexiglass panels were produced within a very short time frame and offered to the Swiss food service establishments and hotels at a reduced price. This allows restaurants, bars and cafés to serve more guests, boosting sales. Andreas Looser, National Wholesale and Field Sales Manager at Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland, explains: “Many restaurants, cafés, and bars are important customers and partners for us. That’s why we want to provide food service establishments and hotels with fast, uncomplicated support, even in this challenging situation. We’re trying to do our part to help the industry recover from this difficult time as soon as possible.”

#together for food service and hotels

As a Swiss beverage producer with local roots dating back to 1936, Coca‑Cola Switzerland has close connections with food service establishments and hotels. As a result, we view it as our responsibility to support the industry, including in these tough times.

Back in April, Coca‑Cola Switzerland joined with an alliance of various partners in the Swiss food service and hotel industry to launch the #HELPGASTRO platform. Via, consumers can buy gift certificates for their favorite restaurants, bars or cafés directly and easily. This means businesses get immediate support while also generating future customer visits.