The current protective measures are hitting the restaurant and hotel sector hard. Numerous restaurants, bars and cafés across Switzerland are being affected by the necessary closures. This is why Coca‑Cola Switzerland, together with an alliance of various partners in the Swiss food service and hotel industry, has set up the #HELPGASTRO platform. Thanks to this initiative, businesses firstly get immediate support, and secondly future customer visits are generated.

The current protective measures are having a serious impact on the food service and hotel sector in Switzerland. On 16 March 2020, the Federal Council ordered restaurants, bars, and cafés to close. As a Swiss beverage producer with local roots dating back to 1936, Coca‑Cola Switzerland has close connections with the restaurants and hotels. That’s why we have joined an alliance of various partners from the Swiss food service and hotel sectors to launch the #HELPGASTRO platform.

Swiss food service businesses and hotels are receiving immediate support through the #HELPGASTRO platform.

Via, consumers can buy gift certificates for their favorite restaurants, bars or cafés directly and easily. Certificate purchases help business owners generate income right away, even now, while they are closed. This will generate customer visits in the future. The certificates can be redeemed as soon as the businesses reopen. Flavio Calligaris, member of the management team at Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland, about the initiative: "Although the unprecedented impact is difficult to assess at this stage, we can at least provide some support and help the food service and hotel industry to cover its running costs. Many of the restaurants, bars and cafés affected are valued partners and customers of ours. We view it as our responsibility to support them in this tough situation."


More information about the platform and how to register is available at