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Re-certified: VALSER is climate-neutral!

Valser Mineralquellen has been re-certified by Swiss Climate. VALSER produces and markets all of its beverages on a climate-neutral basis. But what does that actually mean?

In short, the certificate confirms, that the climate-neutral production of VALSER mineral water does not change the atmospheric balance, thanks to various measures taken by the company.

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How is that checked?

To earn climate neutrality certification from Swiss Climate, VALSER Mineralquellen GmbH had to lay out its climate policy and prove that it is aware of the various opportunities and risks associated with its business. After the main sources of emissions were tracked and listed, CO2 reduction goals were defined on that basis. Unavoidable emissions must be counterbalanced by high-quality climate projects.

By consistently shrinking its carbon footprint and compensating for remaining CO2 emissions, VALSER became the first mineral water in Switzerland to be declared climate neutral, back in 2018.

To achieve this, VALSER had to align its entire production chain to be sustainable. That’s something that is only possible through teamwork.


We owe our climate-neutral certification to all the employees who with their passion and drive, each and every day, make sure VALSER’s production operations take our environment into account and meet all of the standards for climate neutrality.

Ilia Tomassi Country Supply Chain Manager at Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland
The lead person responsible for this project is Monica Lehmann, National Environment Manager at Coca‑Cola HBC.

She collects and calculates the relevant data, compares performance against the previous year and reviews the status of implementation of planned measures with her partners. The remaining unavoidable emissions are compensated for with a high-quality climate project.

National Environment Manager Monica Lehman on the occasion of official acceptance of the certificate from Swiss Climate CEO Mathias Bürgi National Environment Manager Monica Lehman on the occasion of official acceptance of the certificate from Swiss Climate CEO Mathias Bürgi

“The certificate isn’t just a nice logo that you can get quickly,” Lehmann points out. “To reach climate neutrality, we as a company had to draw up new descriptions or make fundamental changes in a lot of processes. That makes me even happier about the certificate – because a lot of work and expertise went into it.”

Compliance with the label’s certification guidelines is audited annually by an independent auditing firm. VALSER Mineralquellen GmbH fulfills all the guidelines in 2019, as in the past, and is thus still operating on a climate-neutral basis.

“We’re proud to hold this certificate in our hands again, but most of all, we’re proud of the work done by our employees who made this possible,” adds General Manager Nigel Davis.