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Clean-up Day: Coca‑Cola employees against littering

Nigel Davis, General Manager and Patrick Wittweiler, Sustainability Manager at Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland, exchanged their suits and ties for safety vests and rubber gloves for a day.

Alongside thousands of volunteers all over the country, they cleaned fields, forests, and sidewalks of litter and advocated for a "World Without Waste". Watch the video to find out how they spent Clean-up Day and what they thought about their work.

Coca‑Cola employees against littering

Over 40 volunteers from Coca‑Cola Switzerland participated in the World Clean-up Day at three locations in Brüttisellen, Bussigny and Vals. They were on the hunt for carelessly discarded garbage ... and they found it! With their own eyes, they saw how our environment and natural areas can get "trashed," even in a "clean" country like Switzerland.

Volunteering for people and the environment

The national Clean-up Day in Switzerland was coordinated by "IG saubere Umwelt" (IGSU - IG clean environment). A large number of companies participated in the nationwide cleanup campaign, including Coca‑Cola Switzerland. Employees volunteered to take part, and their volunteer hours were counted as work time. They get the opportunity to volunteer for people and the environment twice a year. Sustainability always starts with each of us making small changes and showing attention, care, and mindfulness.

The largest global mass movement in history

15 million people from 158 countries volunteered for a world without waste on September 15th, 2018. Whether in bitter cold conditions at negative ten degrees in Canada, or at a scorching 48 degrees in Iran, they worked to free our planet from carelessly discarded waste.

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