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AWS Audit in Dietlikon and Vals

Lloyd’s Register being an Accredited Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) for the Alliance for Water Stewardship Standard (AWS) is planning to conduct a remote conformity assessment at Coca-Cola Switzerland and VALSER Mineralquellen.

The audit is taking place from 19/10/2020 to 23/10/2020 at Brüttisellerstrasse 7, 8305 Dietlikon and Camp 519, 7132 Vals. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, the audit cannot take place in person and will be held online. Stakeholders are invited to submit written submissions to the auditor. The assigned auditor is:

Mrs. Artemis Papadopoulou


The AWS standard looks to engage water-using sites in understanding and addressing shared catchment water challenges as well as site water risks and opportunities. It asks water-using sites to address these challenges in a way that progressively moves them to best practice in terms of five outcomes.

Five outcomes

  • Improved water governance
  • Sustainable water balance
  • Good water quality
  • Healthy status of important water related areas
  • Access to  water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH)* for all

* WHO has integrated WASH in the context of the  Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 6).
Please note that oral and written submissions made in reference to the client’s operation should be supported by objective evidence wherever possible.
Stakeholders who wish to submit written comments to the audit team are requested to contact the Lead auditor directly using the contact information provided above.