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The new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar from Brüttisellen

For the first time since 2016, Coca-Cola has renewed the design for Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. The new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar also has a new, improved recipe, offering a great Coca-Cola experience. The Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (HBC) Switzerland is already producing the new edition in Brüttisellen.

coca-cola_zero_sugar coca-cola_zero_sugar
The new, simplified design for Coca-Cola Zero Sugar emphasises the iconic Coca-Cola trademark font. Red, the original, world-famous brand colour, is a central element, representing the authentic, refreshing Coca-Cola taste. Combined with the black font, it stands for the new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. The new design is simple, removing additional elements like the red disc, to place emphasis on the font as an iconic Coca-Cola trademark and unify the packaging design even further. As a visual metaphor for the invigorating nature of the product, the new design also elevates the Coca-Cola logo to the top edge of the label.

New improved recipe

In addition to the new design, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar now has an improved recipe. While still containing “zero” sugar and “zero” calories, with its refreshingly delicious flavour it offers a great Coca-Cola experience and appeals mainly to consumers who are looking for a calorie-free alternative.

With this positioning, Coca-Cola is making the selection of reduced-sugar and sugar-free drinks more attractive and acting in line with the implementation of their own commitments at national and international level. UNESDA, the European soft drink industry association, announced at the end of June that they are aiming for a further 10% reduction of the sugar content in soft drinks by 2030, therefore achieving a reduction of 33% overall compared to the year 2000. 


Producing the new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is very exciting. The production of the new edition was planned in detail in advance. Accordingly, everyone was very relieved that the production worked so well right from the start. 

Andreas Schär syrup master at Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland

This much Switzerland is in Coca-Cola

The new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar has been given a new look without losing its unmistakable character. Just like before, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is produced in Brüttisellen. The amount and choice of the sweeteners used also remains unchanged. A total of 95% of the ingredients come from Switzerland and Swiss suppliers.