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Multifaceted product launch: our join-in event for vitaminwater

Interested in a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland? As part of the new launch of vitaminwater, employees accompanied our business developers for a day out in the market.

vitaminwater vitaminwater

For two weeks, 120 participants accompanied our business developers all over Switzerland to celebrate the launch of our new vitaminwater and to promote collaboration between different departments.

As the MIT (Market Impact Team), our employees visited restaurants, cafés, hotels and retailers and not only had the chance to get to know the market first-hand, but also to gain a better understanding of how our products are distributed to our business customers. They took up this challenge with considerable commitment and creativity, directly supporting the market launch of vitaminwater.

But what exactly is vitaminwater? The new product appeals to consumers with a health-conscious lifestyle who want to enjoy refreshment that goes a step further. vitaminwater contains a variety of vitamins and minerals that supply the body with important nutrients and strengthen the immune system. The three products “Relax”, “Think” and “Defence” are tasty, low-calorie thirst quenchers whose colourful designs are themselves refreshing. The new Glacéau vitaminwater campaign “nourish every you” celebrates the many facets of the individual with different needs: physical, mental, spiritual. Glacéau vitaminwater gives these aspects a positive emphasis in a light-hearted way. More extensive information about the campaign can be found here. vitaminwater has been available since April.

100.0323016_VW_Collage_Market 100.0323016_VW_Collage_Market

Together we are strong

In line with the slogan of our corporate value “We before I”, the MIT Day is a wonderful opportunity to give our employees a deeper insight into the work of our field service and to get active and involved themselves. The MIT Day inspires our employees every time with fresh energy – the valuable experience and contacts gained along the way interlink our departments with each other and improve our cooperation through personal contact and exchange of ideas.

100.0323016_VW_Collage_interner_Wettbewerb 100.0323016_VW_Collage_interner_Wettbewerb