Bottling plants

Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland operates two bottling plants. Over 80 percent of the beverages sold in Switzerland by Coca‑Cola HBC are manufactured locally.

We produce our beverages locally on two production sites: Dietlikon and Vals. The bottling plants' objectives are to meet commercial demand by delivering the final products on time, in the right quantity and to high quality standards, in dynamically changing market circumstances.


Plant Dietlikon

We have created our products in Dietlikon (Zurich) since 1963. We have developed our production lines constantly and have grown our business steadily.

We produce and distribute carbonated and non-carbonated beverages from The Coca‑Cola Company. We manufacture on four production lines well-known brands such as Coca‑Cola, Fanta and Sprite, in various sizes and packages. Our products are available in PET or glass bottles, or cans.

We are especially proud of our ultramodern high-speed PET line that we put into operation in Dietlikon at the beginning of 2016. The bottling plant is characterised by its very high output. The high speed line produces approx. 42'000 0.5-liter PET bottles per hour, which corresponds to more than 10 bottles per second. Moreover, the plant makes its contribution to the environment as we are now saving more energy and water. We are conserving 6'000 litres of water per hour alone.

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  • 2 million bottles daily produced in our Dietlikon plant (approx)


Plant Vals

Plant Vals, located in the mountainous Canton of Graubünden, was established in 1961 and fills Valser natural mineral water at the Saint Peter and Saint Paul spring. Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland has operated the plant in Vals since 2002.

We produce sparkling (Valser Classic), non-sparkling (Valser Naturelle and Silence) and flavoured natural mineral water packaged in PET (plastic) and RGB (glass) in various sizes or tanks.

Valser water still ranks among the original Swiss branded products. Not only does the clever ad strategy help to contribute to this but also the fact that Valser water from the Saint Peter spring (Valser Naturelle and Classic) is one of the most calcium-and magnesium rich mineral waters in Switzerland.

The «Valser Wasserwelt» visitors' center in Vals transports you into the world of water and you receive deeper insight into why mineral water is not ordinary water. Take a look for yourself. Sign up here (only in German)

VALSER Wasserwelt
  • 1 million bottles daily produced in our Vals plant (approx)