Coca‑Cola has been refreshing Swiss consumers since 1936.

Coca‑Cola is more Swiss than you might think.

50 years after its invention, Coca‑Cola arrived in Switzerland in 1936. Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland is the only bottling company in Switzerland that produces and distributes Coca‑Cola products in the country. We produce our beverages locally: in Dietlikon and Vals.

Over the years, we have developed and built up our operations. We generate a local value of 988 million Swiss Francs for the Swiss economy, that is the equivalent of 0,14 percent of national gross domestic product (GDP).

We refresh Swiss people with approximately 400 million litres of soft drinks a year. Over 80 percent of the drinks sold in Switzerland by Coca‑Cola HBC are manufactured locally. 95 percent of our beverage ingredients originate in Switzerland: sugar, carbonic acid and drinking and mineral water.

At Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland, our people are our most important asset. We employ around 800 people and ensure about 8’600 jobs along the entire value chain in the food and retail sectors and in logistics, manufacturing and agriculture. We aim to provide our people with rewarding careers, excellent development opportunities and a safe, fair workplace.

These figures are based on the study «Socio-Economic Effects of Coca‑Cola in Switzerland» (SEIA) by Steward Redqueen. The study was launched in order to analyse Coca‑Cola’s influence on the Swiss economy and to verify this with concrete figures.