Our management team in Switzerland combines profound expertise in sales, marketing & commercial excellence, supply chain, finance, human resources, public affairs & communications, jurisprudence and sustainability.

Nigel Davis

Country General Manager

«Running a company is like running a marathon. You need focus, endurance and a long-term mindset.»

Nikos Vlassadikis

Chief Financial Officer


Rico Uesluek

Country Sales Manager

«In order to be one step ahead of the competition, we not only have to satisfy our customers but we have to wow them time and again with our products and service every day.»

Ilia Tomassi

Country Supply Chain Services Manager

Flavio Calligaris-Maibach

Country Operational Marketing & New Business Development Manager

«Stop trying to sell with Marketing – instead, use Marketing to help customers to sell.»

Katalin Bànyi

Commercial Excellence Manager

Corina Widmer

Human Resources Director

Patrick Wittweiler

Country QSE & Operational Sustainability Manager

«Sustainability matters. For our planet, for us and for our stakeholders.»


Martin Kathriner

Public Affairs & Communications Manager

Cla Koenz

Country Legal Manager

Maté Varga

Enterprise Operations Country Manager