Our management team in Switzerland combines profound expertise in sales, marketing & commercial excellence, supply chain, finance, human resources, public affairs & communications, jurisprudence and sustainability.

Nigel Davis

Country General Manager

«Running a company is like running a marathon. You need focus, endurance and a long-term mindset.»

Nikos Vlassadikis

Chief Financial Officer


Jan Lunelli

Country Sales Manager

Ilia Tomassi

Country Supply Chain Services Manager

Flavio Calligaris-Maibach

Country Operational Marketing & New Business Development Manager

«Stop trying to sell with Marketing – instead, use Marketing to help customers to sell.»

Katalin Bànyi

Commercial Excellence Manager

Corina Widmer

Human Resources Director

Patrick Wittweiler

Country QSE & Operational Sustainability Manager

«Sustainability matters. For our planet, for us and for our stakeholders.»


Martin Kathriner

Public Affairs & Communications Manager

Cla Koenz

Country Legal Manager

Maté Varga

Enterprise Operations Country Manager