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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an essential part of our corporate philosophy.


Solar power for Vals – a joint effort

The photovoltaic facility on the roof of Valser Mineralquellen supplies solar energy for about 36 households. This was made possible by teamwork in Vals. The following video tells the story of how it all came about...


CSR Factsheet

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Coca‑Cola Switzerland receives recognition for exemplary environmental objectives

In a recently published study of the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) on the topic "Environmental Objectives of Companies in Switzerland" Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland achieved the third best result of the total of 500 largest Swiss companies.

Coca‑Cola HBC makes the “threepeat” as the global Beverage Industry Leader on the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI)

Coca‑Cola is not only the most famous beverage in the world. Even in terms of sustainability, the Coca‑Cola HBC Group, which is based in Zug, Switzerland, is the global leader: For the third time in a row, the company has been listed in the renowned Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) as the leader in the beverage industry.

Our route to sustainability


Our route to sustainability

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Water-Stewardship Gold

Water stewardship

We focus on protecting water sources and using water efficiently.

Supplier relations

We work with our suppliers – usually locally based – and the Coca‑Cola HBC Group to decrease the negative impact of the supply chain.

Energy and climate change

We are actively working to reduce the environmental footprint of our production, transportation and cooling equipment.

Packaging and recycling

Our packaging ensures the safety and consistent high quality of our products. We are continously reducing its environmental impact.

Social commitment

As a Swiss company, we contribute to society as an employer, business partner and taxpayer. We also initiate volunteer efforts and fundraising activities for charitable causes.

Consumer wellbeing

For the benefit of our consumers, we are reducing the calorie content of our beverages, providing transparent nutritional information, have promised to market our products responsibly, and work with the industry, politicians and partners actively to contribute to the wellbeing of our society.