Vending machines make a great refreshment point; satisfying demand for chilled drinks at any time of the day.

Our solutions for businesses

We offer an optimal all-in-one package of products, service and technology for our vending machines. All of our vending machines are state of the art, support NFC payment and are stocked with a range of the most sought-after products.

Our vending machines are available with full service or can be rented for a fee.

Requirements for vending machine installation:

All you have to provide is 1m2 space and a power point.

Coca‑Cola vending machine

With our full-service package, you benefit from:

  • Free machine installation
  • No need to provide storage space for the beverages
  • Regular restocking by Coca‑Cola staff
  • Takings management, including VAT
  • Maintenance from our service engineers to keep the machines running smoothly
  • Free provision of recycling bins & take-back and recycling of our PET bottles and aluminium cans
  • Insurance against tampering, theft, fire and water damage to the machines

With vending machine rental, you benefit from:

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