We produce, sell and distribute a wide range of non-alcoholic soft drinks, including three of the best-known and biggest-selling brands in the world: Coca‑Cola, Fanta and Sprite.

Coca‑Cola HBC is one of the world’s largest bottlers of products of The Coca‑Cola Company. Our consumers can choose from a broad range of soft drinks which cater all tastes and preferences.

Sparkling soft drinks

Carbonated drinks, such as Coca‑Cola, Fanta and Sprite, are the traditional soft drink product range of Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland. Our products represent pleasure and happiness, they are a good alternative for quenching thirst, as well as ensuring the body’s fluid intake remains balanced. The sparkling taste comes from the carbon dioxide (CO2), which is added to the soft drinks during the manufacturing process. We offer a wide selection of soft drinks with added sugar, low-calorie and sugar-free options in various bottle sizes - the right drink for each taste and occasion.

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Still drinks

We offer a wide range of non-carbonated soft drinks, the so called “still” drinks. This segment includes our brands FUSETEA and Honest and our sports drinks “Powerade”, which are available in various flavours. Non-carbonated soft drinks don’t have any carbon dioxide (CO2) added.

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Mineral water

We bottle the high-quality Valser mineral water, which has been mineralised in the mountain up to 25 years depending on the spring and which is one of the most calcium rich mineral waters in Switzerland. The product portfolio includes "Valser Classic" (carbonated), "Valser Naturelle" and "Valser Silence" (non-carbonated), "Valser Limelite" (lemon aroma), "Valser Menthe" (mint aroma) and "Valser Viva" (low calorie, different aromas). Valser water still ranks among the original Swiss branded products. We respect the values of Valser Water and carefully develop this valuable brand further.

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Energy drinks

The energy drinks market continues to grow fast and is very dynamic. We distribute one of the key players in this market: Monster Energy. Besides the classic Monster Energy drink, there are also many low-calorie varieties.

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Effective as of 1 January 2017, Coca‑Cola HBC holds exclusive distribution rights for all Lavazza products in Switzerland, offering this coffee to enjoy in a suitable form for any occasion.

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Plant-based drinks

The AdeZ brand is our response to the increasing demand for non-dairy milk alternatives. The great-tasting, plant-based products are vegan, naturally lactose free and contain no added sugar.

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