Introducing our world-class portfolio


We have a world-class portfolio of more than 12 brands, including Coca‑Cola, the best-known and biggest selling soft drink in history.


Beverage categories

We produce, sell and distribute a wide range of non-alcoholic soft drinks, including three of the best-known and biggest-selling brands in the world: Coca‑Cola, Fanta and Sprite.

Our portfolio

Sparkling soft drinks

Our largest beverage category is sparkling soft drinks. Whether Coca‑Cola, Fanta or Sprite – we offer the appropriate beverage for each need.

Still drinks

In the tea beverage category we distribute the brands FUSETEA and Honest Tea, which has a broad selection of delicious flavors. Powerade is one of the sports drinks in our product portfolio and provides necessary energy.

Mineral water

Made by mountains with nature's recipe: Our Valser mineral water originates from the mountains in Grisons, made of rain drops and glacier melt. Purified and mineralized by nature.

Water +

As part of our continuous effort to become a 24/7 full beverage company, accompanying our consumer through the whole day with the right beverage, Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland will be launching Aquarius on the Swiss market as of April 2020.

Energy drinks

We refresh our consumers with Monster Energy – the Energy Drink with different unique flavors.

Plant-based drinks

The AdeZ brand is our response to the increasing demand for non-dairy milk alternatives. The great-tasting, plant-based products are vegan, naturally lactose free and contain no added sugar.

Costa Coffee

Start the day full of energy with Costa Coffee. When it comes to quality, Costa Coffee makes no compromises: For all coffee blends, we use only the best 5% of the world’s coffee beans. You can taste this love of quality, sip after sip.