We have a rich heritage and an exciting future – from the creation of Coca‑Cola in 1886 to being recognized as an industry leader by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices today.

1886-1899: How it all began

  • 1886: Doctor and pharmacist John Stith Pemberton creates Coca‑Cola in Atlanta (USA). He develops a delicious blend: Coca‑Cola is born.
  • 1888: Pemberton sells his unique recipe and all rights to his secret formula for only 2,300 dollars to the businessman Asa Griggs Candler from Atlanta.
  • 1892: Four years later, Candler founds The Coca‑Cola Company and sets a milestone for one of the most successful stories in the (beverage) world.
  • 1895: Coca‑Cola is sold and consumed in every state in the US.
  • 1899: The Coca‑Cola Company franchises its beverages to independent companies for the first time. With this step, the licensing system is established.

We've been here in Switzerland

  • 50 years after Coca‑Cola’s invention, Max Stooss from Bern brings the beverage to Switzerland in 1936.
  • On March 6, he registered Boissons Désaltérantes S.A in the commercial register of Lausanne.
  • His first purchase: the semi-automatic bottling machine “Dixie”, which fills 600 bottles per hour.
  • In May 1937, Stooss founds Refresca AG with a bottling plant in Zurich.
  • As demand grows, Stooss expands his market area and opens additional production facilities in Switzerland.

1951-1991: the beginnings of Coca‑Cola HBC

  • 1951: Coca‑Cola HBC originates in Nigeria, where A.G. Leventis founded the Nigerian Bottling Company.
  • 1963: The bottling plant in Dietlikon opens.
  • 1969: Hellenic Bottling Company SA is founded in Greece.
  • 1981: Nigerian Bottling Company takes over the Hellenic Bottling Company.
  • 1991: Hellenic Bottling Company SA shares are listed on the Athens Exchange.

2000: Coca‑Cola HBC is formed

  • 2000: Hellenic Bottling Company SA merges with another large Coke bottler, Coca‑Cola Beverages Ltd, which is listed on the London Stock exchange and operating in twelve countries.
  • 2002: Aquisition of Valser Mineralquellen
  • 2007: Launch of Coca‑Cola zero in Switzerland

2008 – 2016: Our route to sustainability

  • 2008: Coca‑Cola HBC is included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices for the first time.
  • 2012: Coca‑Cola HBC becomes a Swiss company based in Zug
  • 2012: Coca‑Cola HBC is ranked among the three most sustainable food and beverage companies according to the FTSE Group, based on environmental, social and governance criteria.
  • 2013: Premium listing at the London Stock Exchange (FTSE100)
  • 2016: For the third consecutive year, Coca‑Cola HBC is leader in the beverage sector in the renowned Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI).

Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland today

  • Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland creates a value of around 1 billion Swiss Francs for the Swiss economy.
  • More than 80 percent of all beverages sold are produced locally: in Dietlikon and Vals.
  • Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland employs around 900 people and secures indirectly 9,200 jobs nationwide.
  • 95 percent of all ingredients come from Swiss suppliers.