Producing and delivering quality soft drinks since 1936

About us

We are the largest bottler of non-alcoholic beverages in Switzerland.


Behind The Bottle:
Coca‑Cola Visitor Center

Visit our Visitor Center in Dietlikon and dive into the refreshing world of Coca‑Cola!


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Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland
at a glance

Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland is the biggest company in the non-alcoholic beverage industry in the country and is a franchised bottler of The Coca‑Cola Company.

Our vision, strategy and values

We want Coca‑Cola HBC to be the undisputed leading beverage company in every country where we do business.

Line of the different Coca-Cola bottles over the decades


50 years after Coca‑Cola’s invention, Max Stooss from Bern brings the beverage to Switzerland in 1936.

Our management introduces itself

Our management team in Switzerland brings together profound expertise in sales, marketing & commercial excellence, supply chain, finance, human resources, public affairs & communications, jurisprudence and sustainability.


We're firmly committed to conducting all our business activities with integrity and with respect for society and the environment.