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VALSER to get its fizz from the air with Climeworks

The brand will be the world’s first to use Climeworks’ exciting new technology that captures CO2 from the air and purifies it for use in beverages


Coca‑Cola HBC is Europe's most sustainable beverage manufacturer

September 2019 – The Dow Jones Sustainability Index 2019 (DJSI) awarded Coca‑Cola HBC as Europe's most sustainable beverage company. On a global level, the company climbed from third to second place – also thanks to the exemplary production in Switzerland.

Coca‑Cola HBC to launch Costa Coffee in Switzerland

Coca‑Cola HBC – Coca‑Cola HBC – one of the largest Coca‑Cola bottlers in the world – plans to launch Costa Coffee in at least 10 of its 28 markets next year, including Switzerland, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Russia. This will address a broad range of consumer and customer needs across multiple channels and occasions, in line with Coca‑Cola HBC’s leading 24/7 beverage partner vision.


VALSER to launch bottles made from 100% recycled PET

VALSER is the first Swiss mineral water to launch PET bottles made from 100% recycled material. The recycled PET originates uniquely from the Swiss market.


Coca‑Cola Visitor Center

Experience Coca‑Cola first hand in our Visitor Center in Dietlikon with a two-hour interactive tour.


2018 sustainability report now online: We continue to reduce our environmental impact!

Less energy, lower CO2 emissions, reduced water consumption: The 2018 sustainability report presents these and other facts about our business activities.


Clean-up Day 2018: Coca‑Cola employees against littering

Nigel Davis, General Manager and Patrick Wittweiler, Sustainability Manager at Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland, exchanged their suits and ties for safety vests and rubber gloves for a day. Alongside thousands of volunteers all over the country, they cleaned fields, forests, and sidewalks of litter and advocated for a "World Without Waste". Watch the video to find out how they spent Clean-up Day and what they thought about their work.


Top-rated: SRF Kassensturz crowns Lavazza as the best capsule coffee

Lavazza coffee is the winner of the quality tests conducted by the show Kassensturz from SRF (Swiss Radio and Television). Kassensturz compared Lavazza Espresso Armonico capsules against 12 other leading capsule coffees and found them to taste the best.


CSR Factsheet

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Solar power for Vals – a joint effort

The photovoltaic facility on the roof of Valser Mineralquellen supplies solar energy for about 36 households. This was made possible by teamwork in Vals. The following video tells the story of how it all came about...


Coca‑Cola HBC as the first company for the forth time in a row global Beverage Industry Leader on the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices

Coca‑Cola is not only the most famous beverage in the world. Even in terms of sustainability, the Coca‑Cola HBC Group, which is based in Zug, Switzerland, is the global leader.


New Partnership Between Coca‑Cola Switzerland and Pro Juventute

Fighting youth unemployment together: A significant number of young adults cannot find employment: According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), in the first quarter of 2018, on average 8.8% of young adults were looking for work in Switzerland. For many of them, the entry into the job market is posing a huge challenge. Experts at Pro Juventute and Coca‑Cola Switzerland want to start right there and support young people making the step from education into work.

CO2 certification: "We are examining all our business activities."

Patrick Wittweiler on the issue of CO2: "We have set very specific goals to reduce CO2". Valser Mineral Springs is certified as a company with a good carbon footprint.


Visit with a Swiss Farmer: Where Does the Sugar in Coca‑Cola Grow?

Only a few centimeters of the whitish tubers stick out from the brown soil. The gorgeous sugar beets on Hansueli Wettstein's farm are well hidden under their firm, green leaves. We are meeting with the passionate farmer on his fields in Brüttisellen on a beautiful October morning, just in time for the harvest. Coca‑Cola Switzerland's production site is only a few hundred meters away as the crow flies. This is where the sugar obtained from the beets will add their sweet taste.


Environment Day: The big interview with Monica Lehmann, National Environment Manager

June 5 is World Environment Day, in which about 150 countries participate. At Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland, Monica Lehmann is responsible for ensuring that people think about the environment, not just one day out of the year, but every day.


Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar changes its name and taste

Per capita consumption of Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar in Switzerland is higher than in most other countries. It is exactly ten years ago that this alternative to the original Coke was introduced in this market.


Coca‑Cola Switzerland receives recognition for exemplary environmental objectives

In a recently published study of the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) on the topic "Environmental Objectives of Companies in Switzerland" Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland achieved the third best result of the total of 500 largest Swiss companies.



Effective as of 1 January 2017, Coca‑Cola HBC holds exclusive distribution rights for all Lavazza products in Switzerland, offering this coffee to enjoy in a suitable form for any occasion.


Yes to individual responsibility and information, no to paternalism and taxes

The Swiss population insists on individual responsibility and information when it comes to nutrition and exercise. Government interventions like the sugar tax are clearly rejected.


natürlich ANDERS

The Swiss association of mineral waters and soft drink producers (SMS) shows with the campaign «natürlich-anders.ch» In a liekable way the qualities and the added value of natural mineral water. (site only in German and French)

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The secret recipe: Our people

Group shot of the Coca-Cola HBC Ambassadors

Employees and social commitment

We are investing heavily in engagement, development, occupational health and safety for our employees, and in the promotion of a healthy work-life balance.

Coca‑Cola Visitor Center Dietlikon

Entdecke die Welt von Coca‑Cola im Visitor Center in Dietlikon (ZH)

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