We produce and sell the world's most successful soft drinks and make a point of providing a wide selection and ensuring the highest product safety.


Choice is crucial

For our body, it doesn’t matter whether calories – i.e. energy – are consumed through food or drink, because every calorie counts. To help our consumers keep their weight under control, we offer a wide selection of low-calorie and calorie-free drinks in different packaging sizes. Today, almost six out of every ten drinks sold (56 percent) are from our water or reduced-calorie ranges. 47 percent of all drinks sold contain no sugar. We invest continuously in new and tasty, calorie-reduced and calorie-free products.

Safety = checks + action

Independent auditors review our management systems. Anonymous mystery shoppers monitor product quality at the point of sale. And customers/consumers notify us of defects via our Customer Care Centre and Infoline. Each complaint is handled within 72 hours. The number of complaints is at a stable low level: in 2015, we received 0.3 for every million packages sold. Product quality incidents are responded to quickly and competently through our incident management and crisis resolution system.

Our target: Steadily reduce the consumer complaints per million containers sold.

Market responsibility

The marketing and sales of our beverages are guided by the “Swiss Pledge“. Since 2010, together with other leading Swiss food and drinks manufacturers, we have voluntarily pledged to refrain from advertising aimed at children under 12 years of age and to refrain from product-specific communications aimed at primary schools.