We produce and sell the world's most successful soft drinks and make a point of providing a wide selection and ensuring the highest product safety.


Choice is crucial

For our body, it doesn’t matter whether calories – i.e. energy – are consumed through food or drink, because every calorie counts. To help our consumers keep their weight under control, we offer a wide selection of low-calorie and calorie-free drinks in different packaging sizes. Today, almost six out of every ten drinks sold (58 percent) are from our water or reduced-calorie ranges. 42 percent of all drinks sold contain no sugar. We invest continuously in new and tasty, calorie-reduced and calorie-free products.

Safety = checks + action

Independent auditors review our management systems. Anonymous mystery shoppers monitor product quality at the point of sale. And customers/consumers notify us of defects via our Customer Care Centre and Infoline. Each complaint is handled within 72 hours. The number of complaints is at a stable low level: in 2015, we received 0.3 for every million packages sold. Product quality incidents are responded to quickly and competently through our incident management and crisis resolution system.

Our target: Steadily reduce the consumer complaints per million containers sold.