Our packaging ensures the safety and consistent high quality of our products. We are continously reducing its environmental impact.

High quotas without constraints

PET is by far the most popular packaging material in the Swiss beverages market. In 2014, 45'365 tonnes of PET beverage bottles were produced: equivalent to a platoon of 1'620 full 40-tonne HGVs. 

More than one in four of these bottles are voluntarily recycled, thanks to the efforts of the PET-Recycling Schweiz association (PRS) – and our own activities. We set up PRS with our partners in 1990. In 2014, we passed on 1'219 tonnes of PET bottles to PRS – 3 percent of the amount recycled in Switzerland. This amount comes partially from our customers, who collect and return the bottles, and partially from our own wastage, e.g. from production trials.

PlantBottleTM – 30 percent plant-based materials

In Switzerland, Valser Silence and Coca‑Cola Life are consumed from award-winning PET bottles. In 2011, this innovation from The Coca‑Cola Company won the Edison Award in the “sustainable packaging” category.

The PlantBottle™ is similar in most ways to a typical PET bottle and is 100 percent recyclable – with one small, clever difference: the mono-ethylene glycol used in the bottles is derived not from crude oil but from a by-product of the sugar cane industry. In addition to its plant PET content of up to 30 percent, the PlantBottle™ also contains virgin PET and recycled PET.